Pillow talk with Bopants & Levi

 photo BopantsandLevi_zps76003493.jpg Once again, I majorly failed in the consistency of these great late night convo posts between the hubs and offspring. Since this little man could be joining us in the real world any given moment, I figured it was time to do another pillow talk feature.

Bopants: "Levi, are you just sleeping in there? I bet you are. Enjoy it while you can because one day you'll be 20 and then you'll never be able to sleep again. Unless you are like your momma.. in which case you will be sleeping all the time."
Me: *not smiling. Unamused by this recent deduction.

Husband has been quite disappointed that my belly button never officially popped out. I myself was aokay with one less quarky body change to deal with.
Bopants: "I am ready for this inny belly button to pop out! Maybe if we get a lil suction like a plunger. I'm obsessed with this little belly button."

Me: "What song are you humming?"
Bopants: In complete seriousness. "The Levi song. It's going to be a hit." As he continues to rock my belly and feet with his humming rhythm.
Bopants: "The app says they can feel movement. I bet he's dancing in there to my humming."
Levi: Continues to kick along with the humming

Bopants: "Do your baby toes hurt when you kick mommy? You gotta be careful not to hurt yourself little guy!"
Glad he's showing concern for one of the involved parties. Notice he had no words of comfort for the mommy who daily gets the daylights beat out of her intestines.

I love these two dudes too much to handle. Can't wait till Levi starts chatting back to his Papa Bear! Bound to bring out even more comical goodness.

Branches - Monday Morning Motivation

Everything about this cover. Her vocals are too striking for their own good. Feel free to browse all their covers and original albums. You're welcome.

Seven Day Snapshots

 photo 1_zpsbda99e4d.jpg  photo 8_zpsc0e69b2c.jpg  photo 3_zps626a8907.jpg  photo 2_zps0d362cac.jpg  photo 4_zps4cf5cc5d.jpg  photo 5_zps158a56aa.jpg  photo 6_zps301fc105.jpg  photo 7_zpse3b5effd.jpg
These past few days and weeks have literally flown by! Finishing final baby preparation, catching up with friends from and visiting Dallas, date nights and library runs. That about sums up 1/872 of our current craziness.

-Momma & Papa Bear constantly send the cutest selfies on our family group text. By far one of my happiest iPhone joys.
-We've explored a plethora of eateries in D-town. Scoring this delicious Mediterranean cuisine was a major delight.
-One of my oldest and dearest friends, Jocelyn, tied the knot at the end of June! I took a lil road trip home to help with flowers and festivites. I've decided I much more enjoy helping with weddings than planning my own. Watching the bride love radiate from sweet friends is such a treat - it's so cool to see someone you've known and loved for so long taking this next huge step with someone that completes them entirely.
-IHOP was having some outrageous deal on pancakes (a short-stack for like 99 cents) the other week! We just about died of excitement. When we went inside we couldn't see any promotionals for the deal at our local IHOP, so Bopants got a bit weepy. But alas! They were indeed having the sale, just totally sucking at their marketing attempts.
-I might have gone a bit crazy at a clearance baby clothes sale at our local Once Upon a Child. Pretty sure I got our lil peanut 20 something outfits. Oh well. They were a total steal!
-Embracing this time waiting for Levi has been full of sweetness, impatience, hours of tv and many library trips. These are my most recent novela scores.

Not pictured
-I've been insanely lucky enough to catch up with many friends the past few weeks including but not limited to: Katie, Jade, Maddie, Bethany, Camille, Michelle and Michelle! I'm trying to take advantage of pre-newborn time by soaking up solid social connection with all these ladies whom I love.
-Bopants and I have started building our Dallas community thanks to some super awesome couples at Watermark. We've only spent a few weeks with these awesome people and I am already fully obsessed. The wives are all on a group text that blows up no less than 5 times a day. I can tell that we are gonna be friends.
-Lots of Tour de France and Gilmore Girls and Sherlock binge watching going on in this household. Baby Levi is bound to come out chanting for Tejay Van Garderen, sarcastically full of Lorelai wit and obsessed with British crime solving. But lets be honest, that would be aokay with me.

The Apache Relay - Monday Morning Motivation

The Apache Relay have been on constant repeat in our little house as we prep for baby. Blissful mix of folk&alternative&striking vocals. Plus, lets all just swoon at this location and wardrobe mashup. Kudos dear fellows.

life currently

 photo c4a87b3d-6213-4fa1-9097-5d1ff57657ed_zpseeb01874.jpg
just a glimpse of everyday Dallas life from the Wells in the last few weeks of baby growing

eating // mexican food. pudding cups. froyo.
drinking // annie: Dr.Pepper, h2o / bopants: ruby redbird shiner
practicing // patience in the last few weeks of pregnancy
learning // annie: loads from vlogbrothers crashcourse / bopants: what real life credit analysts do
playing // retired waiting for motherhood
finishing // baby proofing and hospital prepping
reading // Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me by Mindy Kaling, Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan
watching // Sherlock!! The Mindy Project. Tour de France on Tour de France
wearing // annie: anything that fits / bopants: professional office attire
cooking // almost every night! I've taken to this whole domesticated life quite swimmingly
working // on seeing all our Dallas friends pre-Levi arrival
wanting // for the baby to pop out right now!

In my spare time, I have binged a rather ridiculous amount of youtube. Here are some links to cool videos you should watch in your free time because they are amazing.

If school had been this entertaining and full of John Green, I might have actually remembered some things. This pieced all those years of history in brilliant creativity.

1. This is a roundtable with every hilarious actress you dream about being bffs with in real life. 2. They are full of lovely insights and reality and humor. 3. Reread 1&2.

Ingrid has my heart in the vocal/songwriting department. "Over You" has some of the best harmonies my ears have ever heard. Not the best quality video, so you should go buy the Lights Out cd to fully appreciate. 4:20 - you are welcome.


 photo dear_zps186e0e4c.jpg
Dearest Dr. Pepper with a squeeze of lime, thank you for constantly providing me the perfect pick me up to a long afternoon. I gave up my soft drink addiction for most of college, but you have befriended me in a time of need (aka growing a baby) and for that I am forever indebted to you. Oh HGTV, how you can keep me company with daily house makeover marathons. I have an unhealthy love for anything designed by Jonathan and Drew Scott. With their 3 shows alone, I am constantly entertained. I could move to Waco today and have Fixer Upper make me a dream home. Jesus can feel free to take my heavenly mansion blueprints from any of Joanna's designs. Dear Mindy Kaling, I joined your fan-wagon a little late. You are utterly hilarious and I have vowed to re-watch all the Office seasons to really appreciate your writing early work. The world owes you tremendously for The Mindy Project brilliance. Shouldda got an Emmy! Lastly lil Levi, Oh! How you love to kick the crap outta me all day everyday. I mean, I truly appreciate the 24/7 companionship from my inner womb, but I am just about ready for you to tumble outta there. Really. Anyday. You just feel free to grace us with your presence pronto.

Family of the Year. Buried - Monday Morning Motivation

Talk about the perfect dancing down the street in the midst of a mid afternoon rainy shower melody. Granted, the lyrics are a lil quarky but that just makes them all the better. Love their harmonies.