bring on those rainy days

Today has been brilliantly picturesque here in the good ol' CStat! This morning I lazily rolled out of bed to realize it was Fake Friday :] One week of college and somehow I am still alive and kickin. After morning coffee and a muggy walk with the awesome roomie, Biology bugged me for the next 5 hours. However, the day swung back in my favor thanks to a drizzly afternoon walk and Parent Trap movie marathon. I am currently in a very Garden Stateish mood.

This weather and unconscious desire for winter to hit Texas makes for a wonderful letter writing mood. One of those reflective, curl up and get lost in your thoughts moments. Translation: Lubbock Pen Pals be expecting letters to be arriving in your new home locations in the very near future. My goal is to obtain old stationary this weekend such as example a:

Today the Lord kept it short and sweet as He blew my mind with the simplicity of His Word. "Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again-rejoice! Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do. Remember, the Lord is coming soon. Don't worry about anything: instead, pray about everything." Philippians 4:4-6. Gentle Spirit slaps in the face are always needed when that selfish little voice in the back of my head begins to take over my body. In ALL I do, I should WANT to be joyful. Not because the Savior of the universe asks, but because I am loved and have everything in the One. Furthermore, He promises to come save my happypants someday, so I just need to take a chill pill and love on those around me.. Love it when He softly punches me in the face with His realities. No worries Baby J, this weekend I'll be sure to be spreading my lovin. John Mayer, Wendy, Cameron, AlanTaylorBo, Dtown say whatttttttttt

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