craving colorado

Due to a prolonged afternoon snooze, my body is rejecting my genius plan to get to bed early in preparation for a weekend filled with road tripping and last minute test cramming. Go figure. At least my awesome roomie is awake and kicking to keep me musical company. Lyrics are my love. In build up of Jason Reeve's tonight I will paste some quality songwriting from his awesome self: "Someone is waiting, someone who understands exactly how you feel. Someone is dreaming, someone is hoping just that this will be the day, that you, you take your eyes off the ground out of the blue. See that someone is looking right back at you.."

I want to ball up, relocate to small-city Colorado, burrow into a leather chair and drink boatloads coffee until the good Lord beams me up into His Kingdom. That is the mood I am drowning in. Knowing that fall and whimsical weather storms are sneaking up on the entire rest of America, waves of jealousy are washing over me in ways I can not explain. I want cold and rainy. To say the least, College Station is refuting my oversized sweatshirt and cardigan lust. Luckily, chill out tunes are keeping me company with simply fall playlists.


As for what the Lord has been placing on my heart lately, simplification has been engrained into my soul time and time again this week. Boiling down to the basics, accepting my flawed repulsiveness, letting the Lord rebuild my broken soul; that sort of meat and potatoes. "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and thanksgiving, lift your requests to the Lord. The peace of God, which surpasses human understanding, will guard your thoughts in Jesus Christ." Philippians 4: 6-7. This past week I have been missing home and the comfort of familiar faces a whole stinkin much. More than anything in the world, I want to hermit with best friends, eat pretzels smothered in icing, pop in old movies and retreat into a world of fantasy. Jesus showed me that this desire will be all the more cherished when I do return home, due to my longing in this distance. I literally get butterflies when I think of being home again! Magnify this mental image times a gajillion and God said "Danimal, this is heaven!!" I can not wait to have my raw craving for Christ incandescently satisfied when I finally get to hangout with him 24/eternity in Heaven :] So good. That is all for tonight/this morning. All you Lubbockites have a blasty blast at the game and soak up the company and amazing weather. Jason Reeves, here we (Asleez, JoPo, and Michaeleeeee) come!

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