homework avoidance with a cup of joe

Here I am sitting in Sweet Eugene's, distracted from my original purpose and mile long to-do list thanks to the world wide web at the tips of my typing fingers. Nevermind the fact that I have 3 papers due this week or 4 upcoming tests.. They can always wait for a quick facebook perusal and blogger updating. John just came on the radio, hello perfection (p.s. Wendy, I can not express how much I love our daily lyric texts, you're getting one now). He obviously endorses my ignorance of the so-called "school world."  I found this adorable wall hanging and instantly thought of a gazillion walls in my room to hang it on. I resisted the urge to insert my credit info, deciding posting it on my free blog wall was more economical.

I'm going to attempt to keep this sort. Time keeps on whizzing by and I still can not believe that I have already been an official Aggieland resident for almost a month! Strangeness to the maximum. Recently I have been trekking through Francis Chan's Forgotten God, a book about utilizing the Spirit of the Lord which is so often watered down in our society. Interestingly enough, the Lord mimicked this message in my quiet time today. "Letting your sinful nature leads your mind to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace." - Romans 8: 6-7. So often I don't take advantage of the Trinity and walk life on my own, forgetting that the living and active Spirit resides in my humble human corpse. I love it when God subtly engrains one simple statement over and over until you finally get with the program and realize His voice. Handing over all of my nasty life garbage allows Him to restore my soul with His peace. Geez, I just love my Daddy. 

Here is a brief list of other random things I love this terrific Tuesday:

2. Chalk walls - Anthropology 

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