lost in the introduction

Here goes nothing. Since everything else in my life is uncharted territory, I figured why not delve into the vast expansion of the global unknown, more commonly referred to as the world wide web. My life is at a crazy crossroads and with friends and family spread out, blogging seems like a good way to stay in communication with everyone.  I have yet to pinpoint what this bloglet will entail.. You'll just have to wait and see. I'm feel like a mini Meg.

Life adjustment and kicking off new life chapters just about defines my current status. College life is crazy, scary, awesome, strange, endearing, interesting and new. Last night at Breakaway, Ben Stuart baffled me (as per usual) with his message about starting over and how where we are defines who we are. Our context dictates our plot. Our setting molds our character. Who we are around will ultimately shape who we will become. The message itself wasn't necessarily mind blowing, however there was one thing that has stuck with me.

Paul is writing 1st Thessalonians to a group of infant believers he had to communicate with pen-pal style in note writing. After installing their church, Paul must leave them to fin for themselves in a lost world. These believers were left without a spiritual father to guide their steps. What did Paul say right off the bat to this group of young students, ready to take on the world? 1 Thessalonians 1 roughly says "You are not alone." Paul could have said anything, however he put emphasis on the fact that we are not alone and that we are found IN Christ/God the Father.

I love this because much like Jason, we are at this unknown beginning and already there have been multiple circumstances where I have felt utterly isolated. Ben said "Prepositions define relationships." Fact. We are no longer battling everyday issues singlehandedly, we are sphered in God. We live in a Baby J bubble, and personally I'm liking the sound of that. Knowing that regardless of my academia, location, friends, etc. the God of the Universe has my back!  well that alone makes facing the unknown wayyyyy less intimidating.

Reviewing that message has already kicked my day off to a swell start. More random postings on who knows what to come.

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