soakin up the sauna

Came in from driving this morning to find out that our floor A/C has broken. Currently, I am sweating more after waking up than I do after draining work outs. I'm going to keep it short and sweet and bail to locate a more conducive survival climate. This alarm clock has become my new temporary obsession, I want one!
thank you Urban

This weekend was without a doubt the most fantastic/amazing/exhausting/inspiring/encouraging adventure I have had in a very long while. Seeing Dallas and contrasting the small scale UTD college life to A&M opened my eyes to the variety of experiences my fellow Lubbockites are undergoing. Being with Wendy/Jacki/Ben brought out a feeling of warmth and home that I did not even realize I missed. John Mayer was perfect. No other way to describe it. The Lord shone through every moment and knit together utter perfection for His daughters. Lying in bed, reviewing how awesome God is and how much He loves a couple of Lubbock girls humbled me to complete gratification. Although I am confused and lost and still making rookie mistakes, my Father is satisfying my every need and fulfilling my random life joys. After the concert, I drove back home by detour of Austin to see Bo and Cameron. Once again , I was baffled with how much Jesus intervened and orchestrated the perfect Sunday. I would not have been able to dream up a better weekend; literally, each and every moment was timed to a T with His handiwork. It never ceases to amaze me that the Dude who created this insane planet loves me enough to make sure I am covered. Furthermore, He is meeting my greatest desires, not just bottom line necessities. Mmmm, I love me some Jesus. 

On a wayyy more random note: Austin blew my mind with the amount of unique bicycle loving mini-Lance Armstrongs. I stumbled across this crazy contraption and developed the sudden urge to purchase the most insane bicycle and kick off a Tour de America.

compliments of Kate Bingamin-Burk

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