tres mas dias!

I'm in that 4th grade Christmas countdown mode where every second passing by seems all the more brilliant because it means that much shorter timespan to me finally being home!! Every time I think about Lubbock, I get that butterflies in your tummy feeling that bubbles into a huge radiant smile of sheer joy. My list of food desires is rapidly growing insanely long, but I plan on hitting as many homejoints as humanly possible. My current favorite game to play with Lubbock aggs is "If we were in Lubbock right now we'd be doing *go!*" and we have come up with some pretty hilariously wonderful fillintheblank responses, if I do say so myself. I love this sensation. This longing for home. It only makes me all the more pumped for heaven, because that sense of community and home will be all the more amazing!! Mmmm, I just can't even wait. 

Complete assurance in Christ has been my underline weekly life lesson. Finding myself In Him, bringing my every issue to Him, discovering my life passion with Him. An old school Jana Stanfield song has been stuck in my head the past few days. "I'm not lost, I am exploring. Life is an adventure worth enjoying. Though I may not know where I am going, I am not lost, I am exploring." Such a catchy 90s tune..and I have decided to embrace the words to their fullest. We are where we are. We are who we are. So we may as well dive head first into the present and soak up all it has to offer. Sometimes fear or the past or bad test grades shield us from living life to the fullest, but the Lord has placed us wherever we are for a reason. Time to put on the big girl panties and live life here and now. On that note: I plan on going to bed early and dreaming about being babied by momma this weekend :) Oh the ironies of life..

Things I love this fine Wednesday:

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  1. Ummmm, excuse me! Where is the part about you dreaming about how excited you are to snuggle with me and play footsie and talk about how alike we are?!?! I mean, that should be at the top of your list! Seriously! I can't wait for you to get here. I'm kinda bummed that I have to wait until Saturday to see you. So, I might just interrupt your Joci date! I love you sissy! Every moment in life is precious, so make the most of each moment and remember that who you are and what you do now determines your future possibilities. I'm proud of you!


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