frigid days and fake gunmen

Today has been an interesting one to say the least. This is going to be a baby post due to time, productivity, creativity, and enthusiasm restraints. Biology consisted of nasty dissection of worms and health centered around an STI seminar (because STD is apparently majorly offensive). To say the least, school is harshing my mellow. Throw in fake gun alerts and ridiculously busy free froyo deals.. and you get one relatively bitter freshman. But that is the past. I have free halloween treats, comfy clothes, pumpkin coffee, and swell Lubbock company to keep me going. Mmmmm. Lovin it.

Trust in the Lord always; that's what it all boils down to for me. There is nothing in this town, this school, my life, or my day that I have control over. Surrendering my selfishness and clinging to the Lord's joy in me has been the lesson of the week. His path will be provided regardless of my current or delayed acknowledgement. Galatians 5: 24 -25 reads "Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit." The Spirit eternally dictates our human path while on this journey we call life. He is trekking before us, guiding our move every step of the way. So put on those running shoes, and be prepared to follow His rhythm. Chances are, He won't be asking you for directions. Stop fighting, set down your map, and go with the flow of the Spirit. 


let's pumpkin flavor life.

Due to the recent academic demand, my social life has been compromised for hours of solitude studying and reclusive seclusion. On the bright side, I shin kicked those 5 tests and now have Frightened Rabbits concert and LUBBOCKLUBBOCKLUBBOCK to keep me fueled till Friday!!! I love home. I miss my friends. I crave hub city local thaicoffeeitaliantexmexgreek foods like a preggo woman. I can not even begin to describe how much the foresight of the weekend keep me decently sane through this horribly test filled week. After completing my final test this morning, I nestled myself into my makeshift reading nook and embraced the ability to put off homework and studying for fun reading!

Quality life updates since last post:
1. Witnessed Norah Jones rocking out life as only she can do at ACL. Second to John, highlight of Freshman year thus far. The company wasn't too bad either, if I do say so myself.
1b. Just ACL in general :]
2. Clogged the dorm sink with a steamed brusselsprout and had to submit a big girl work order. 
3. Discovered chocolate covered macaroons in the library food spot. New study brain food.
4. Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Vanilla Pumpkin Chai Lattes are officially filling up my happy tummy and emptying my shallow pockets of money.
5. Conversated with my dearest Bo and Camikins and Ksenia in ATX. Gave me a good taste of Lubbock. 
6. Received my AWESOME sister in Christ (flic big) Michelle and made the world's coolest Harry Potter carved pumpkin. We are twins. She completes me.
7. Got to go to Covenant Family Church because I was in College Station over a Sunday morning for once! Such a fanastical church, I love me some CStat church home.
8. Almost lost my mind a million times. 

Lately, the Lord has taught me a peace that comes in depending on him in the chaoticness of life. He has strung together a million little lessons by reviewing my past and showing me His fingerprints in my college life so far. I still can't fathom how awesome He is and how much I do not deserve one little thing He does for me. Yet He does it anyways. Time and time again the Lord pours out His love and pieces together beautiful experiences for His ungrateful and ignorant kiddos. Friggen blows my mind. I encourage you to boldly share His love and movement in your life recently with someone today. Life is crazy. Wonderful. Messy. Joyous. Hilarious. Yours. Unfortunately, I have not found the instruction book or pause button on my life (if you uncover one, hook a sister up!). Yet, our Savior is found in every aimless step of jumbled life. It may not be perfect, but with Him and in Him it doesn't have to be. Because the company and the purpose is enough. Enough to roll out of bed with 5 tests and no sleep due to cramming. Enough to keep truckin when all you want to do is curl up in surrender. Enough to see the Lord's big picture and abandon your minimal selfish life goals. 

"Three things will last forever - faith, hope, and love-and the greatest of these is love."
:] 1 Corinthians 13:13

Fall playlist suggestions:
Norah, KT Tunstall, Corinne Bailey Rae, Ben Harper, Snow Patrol, Iron&Wine. Hope that gives you a good launching into autumn beginning. 

home is where you are

I want to bottle up this perfect fall Tuesday, squeeze it into an abandoned box, and treasure it for those really crabby days when nothing seems to be going my way so that I can remember the Lord's faithfulness. Contrasting warm of hot coffee on a chilly October day. Oversized cardigans. Comfortable leggings. Plaid Scarfs. Pumpkin FroYo. If I could pause time in this fallish daze, I would do it in a hearbeat! Mmmm, how I love you fall.

Going home to Lubbock was perfect. Plain and simple. I could ramble on and on about millions and millions of things that completed my road trip to mi casa. But I won't. I will love all those bittersweet reunions, coffeehouse conversations, and familiar normalities independently. Best overall part of the trip: quality nourishment aka good restaurant meals! Oh, how I missed you TacoVilla Jazz SugarBrowns Josies cuisine. Never again will I take having the highest percentage of fast food restaurants in the nations for granted. Lubbockites, own that name loud and proud! Best moment of Lubbock: unexpectly breaking down in the middle of church service when I saw my sissy.. It never ceases to amaze me how much missing people catches you off guard and unleashes forgotten emotions in the most untimely circumstances. 

What my Savior has been politely beating me over the head with this week has been: trust. That sly little perverish word that ultimately sums up the one thing that us humans daily resist.. Releasing control of my life and lists and plans, throwing caution to the wind with the Mastermind of Everything. Much easier said than done. It was not until tonight, after misplacing my keys/id/wallet/creditcards/essential identity on the steps of a public building, that I relinquished my all to Him. I could not do anything. I had to just sit there with the Lord, laugh at my flawed humanity, and enjoy the company. Yet, isn't that life?? The analogies He makes my life eternally baffle me. Although I returned to college more confused than before, Jesus is my Home(boy:)). Wherever I go, He is there. Lubbock is not home anymore, but CStat is not either. In this inbetween, "I am found in the arms of love" and I have decided to put down the boxing gloves and stop fighting reality. Savor soft breezes, indulge on homemade treats, inhale caffeine.

Book Suggestions of the week: