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I want to bottle up this perfect fall Tuesday, squeeze it into an abandoned box, and treasure it for those really crabby days when nothing seems to be going my way so that I can remember the Lord's faithfulness. Contrasting warm of hot coffee on a chilly October day. Oversized cardigans. Comfortable leggings. Plaid Scarfs. Pumpkin FroYo. If I could pause time in this fallish daze, I would do it in a hearbeat! Mmmm, how I love you fall.

Going home to Lubbock was perfect. Plain and simple. I could ramble on and on about millions and millions of things that completed my road trip to mi casa. But I won't. I will love all those bittersweet reunions, coffeehouse conversations, and familiar normalities independently. Best overall part of the trip: quality nourishment aka good restaurant meals! Oh, how I missed you TacoVilla Jazz SugarBrowns Josies cuisine. Never again will I take having the highest percentage of fast food restaurants in the nations for granted. Lubbockites, own that name loud and proud! Best moment of Lubbock: unexpectly breaking down in the middle of church service when I saw my sissy.. It never ceases to amaze me how much missing people catches you off guard and unleashes forgotten emotions in the most untimely circumstances. 

What my Savior has been politely beating me over the head with this week has been: trust. That sly little perverish word that ultimately sums up the one thing that us humans daily resist.. Releasing control of my life and lists and plans, throwing caution to the wind with the Mastermind of Everything. Much easier said than done. It was not until tonight, after misplacing my keys/id/wallet/creditcards/essential identity on the steps of a public building, that I relinquished my all to Him. I could not do anything. I had to just sit there with the Lord, laugh at my flawed humanity, and enjoy the company. Yet, isn't that life?? The analogies He makes my life eternally baffle me. Although I returned to college more confused than before, Jesus is my Home(boy:)). Wherever I go, He is there. Lubbock is not home anymore, but CStat is not either. In this inbetween, "I am found in the arms of love" and I have decided to put down the boxing gloves and stop fighting reality. Savor soft breezes, indulge on homemade treats, inhale caffeine.

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  1. 1. I love that I made it in the blog...I feel soo special. And, that moment was truly the highlight of my life!
    2. I mean really, are you surprised you lost those keys again?! I'm sending you an over-sized clip on to connect to your body!
    3. I want my boxing gloves to come off, but you're right...it's much easier said than done.

    It's so inspiring to see how God is working in your life. You mean the world to me sissy! Sweet dreams!


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