weekends are for the warriors

Speedy Gonzales weeks are just the coolest thing since sliced bread. This endearing semester has finally arrived at that pivotal road block where you look back and realize that it has flown by. Better yet, you have survived. I've been basking in this new realization. Soakin up the survival feeling and counting down the weeks till Christmas which are finally tangibly foreseeable. Classes are chuggin along and relationships are reaching beyond the scripted getting-to-know-yous. Mmmmm loving it.

Check these dudes out. They make life worth the living. 

Weekly updates:
7. Covenant Family Church called and I get to start volunteering with my very own group of kiddos next weeeek! I'm beyond thrilled. These 5th and 6th grade Bryan kids won't know what hit them.
6. Kaitlyn, Jocelyn, Maddie, Lizzy, and Corina all trucked here last weekend for the Tech game (where A&M for once actually BTHO something). I was just peachy keen about getting to see all of their bright smiling 806 faces.
5. Mommy, daddy, Aimee, and MaeMae came to see me last weekend as well! We grubbed down at the local joints and my tummy packed that food away like it was getting ready to hibernate for the winter.
4. A&M got cold!! I mean boots, jacket, scarf cold. Not just semi-breeze. 
coupled with 3. Starbucks and other local coffee hubs busted out their new seasonal beverage lines. Just in time for the freezing weather. My stomach ain't complaining.
2. My biology lab is getting a smidgen to dissection happy. Today we had to cut open and observe starfish, insects, sharks, clams, fish and more grossness. Not cool.
1. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Flamping, Wendy, Women's conference, church this weekend. It's going to be utterly beautiful. 

 Wall of maps = brilliance. I want one. Not necessarily in my dorm room, but sometime in the foreseeable future would be nice.. 

The Lord has been wreckin shop all up in my little collegiate life this week. Thrusting all sorts of craziness, quarky hardships, and life lessons up my ally. Jesus has just been blowing my mind with His goodness and grace in my life. I am constantly mind boggled by His goodness. What else is new, though? We do nothing to deserve any of His blessings, yet He pours out His love on us time and time again. The power of the Holy Spirit is such an incomprehensible gift, yet often times we do not utilize the power of the Holy Spirit in out everyday lives. I challenge you, as I been challenged this week, to acknowledge His power and might in our life and make a conscious effort to surrender yourself over to the Spirit. This morning, I re-read this biblical truth and was reminded of what everything in life boils down to. 1 Timothy 1:5 "The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith." Love and love well.

"Sometimes we have to leave home in order to find out 
what we left there, and why it matters so much."
- Shauna Niequist, Bittersweet