It's been a few too many ages..

since I last hit up the wonderful world of blogposting. One day you are twiddling your thumbs compiling lists of things you wish you needed to do and the next you wake up, one month later, busier than you've been since junior year. Funny how life works out. Pesky how the time flies when you least expect or desire it to.  College has just been rolling along, kickin up all sorts of mishap and mayhem the past month. I'm not even sure where to begin summing up this up..

I'll try a jotted down summary:
5. Stormed the A&M field with my crazy cool flic familia after the Nebraska game! Which entailed touching some of our local sport heroes and attempting to make appearances on National television. Mission failed, but that maybe for the better.. I'm not sure I want my world tv debut to be with cops in the background at a college football game :]
4. THANKSGIVING! Mmmmm, I loved me some delicious homecooking. The awesome grandparent and family unit company was refreshing. Spending countless hours just being goofy is what family is all about. I have missed them all so dearly.
3. Last bio lab ever. That's right, I survived those heart dissections, lab practicals, brain activities. The grade may not be pretty, but it's over and I can check science off my list for life.
2. Baylor and TU recent road trips :] I can't describe how foreign, but intriguing it is to see my best friends in their new atmospheres. Bayless is precious as precious can be down in Wacky Waco. Seeing her could not have hit at a more necessary time. Cameron has the voice of a gospel angel in weird ol Austin. The food there can't be beat though (shout out for Pumpkin Pancakes and queso at Kerbey's Lane!)
1. Official relationship change status. I can no longer be the one girl above the age of 7 that can stay seated when we play "Never have I Ever 'had a boyfriend.'" at camp. It's weird, but I like it! Alan Taylor "Bo" is just the bee's knees. Fist pump for the 10 day till I come home countdown 

Grieving the reality of growing up has been the story of my first 3 months in college. Coping with the copious amounts of change and trying not to completely unravel became my way of life. Numbness slowly creeped up into my life because I figured the only way to not fall apart a million times a day was to shut down, continuing on the journey without addressing the problem. That was dumb. All that dirty laundry has a way of airing itself out one way or another. It wasn't until I realized the root of my issue that I began to sort through everything with the Lord. I wasn't ready to grow up. Yes, I graduated early and had a real job and raised kids.. but that was different. I still knew my family was 5 minutes away and my future did not hinder precisely with my performance. I have to surrender 10000%.. EVERYDAY. I have no control over so many circumstances and must trust in my good ol Savior to guide my steps. Growing up scares me. I don't want to compromise who I am to be another domesticated businesswoman. I've been a victim to this for quite sometime, without even knowing it. Jesus has made it clear to me that growing up should be a celebrated walk with Him. I can still be silly and whimsical and me.. just with a bigger age number track record. I encourage you to fall in love with the things of your youth again. Turn on some old tunes, spray old perfume, pull out those embarrassing old photos. Keep the memory alive and apart of you. Let the Lord unlock and harness your inner child. Just imagine what the Spirit and some good 12 year old creativity can get going in your neck of the woods.

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