hydrocodone is a adored treasure

delivered straight from the big man upstairs! I can not begin to accurately describe just how much this goodness has already enhanced my life after just one measly day of tonsil removal and nose somethingrather. This stuff deserves two fist pumps for knockin me out like a baby. As I slowly regained consciousness after the surgery, Old Sam (my dear old dad) was towering over me, camera in hand, just kodak momenting my prime gross state. Luckily, I'm grown accustomed to his insanity and struck a loud and proud aggie pose in the middle of Raiderland. I rep my family on game days, regardless of my consciousness or beautification state.. or more lack thereof.

It has been ages since I have even had the chilled mindset to blogstalk and blog on my own. Half due to the schedule instability of being home and half due to the fact that my mac Oscar is fried from my coffee spilt during an finals allnighter. Finals and random God crazinesses consumed my last few weeks in College Station. My favorite part of the entire week was without a doubt the spontaneous 3am road trip to Austin for the BEST pumpkin pancakes and coffee at Kerbey Lane with the best roommate ever (MadiMae) and coolest theta (VictoriaDarlin)!

Being home has been absolutely amazing! Christmas is hands down without a doubt the best holiday on the planet; not due to the presents or bustle, but the tangible spirit and  heart-made soul food and focus on Baby J stinkin rocks. Being surrounded by my familia and road tripping to see my madre's entire side of the family for Aunt Janna's 50th surprise birthday made this time home treasured and unforgettable. I miss College Station and my "families" there more than words express, but being back with the comforts of familiarity has been a blessing. Sissy Aimee and I have been livin the difficult, but rewarding Gluten Free life. Much easier said than done; lifestyle diet changing is never an simply swallowed pill. However, we now have quite the plethora of hit and miss recipes if you ever decide to join us Gfree-ers!

The Lord has been so faithful and soooo good this semester. He has broken my pride. Destroyed my perception of comfort. Pushed me beyond my limits. Reshaped my future. Lifted me to new heights. Accompanied me in my lowest depths. Growing up is not easy by any means, but knowing that my Redeemer has my back, planning every step in my life, is utterly peaceful. Speaking from experience, if you want to experience God more in your life: let go. Die to everything you know. Paul says it many a time and I have slowly became numb to the meaning. Total completion in the Lord will not only transform your perceptions on life, it will transform you. Never be afraid of change. My Savior is the most stable and ever changing thing I can never comprehend. Happy New Year and be ready for another crazy year with the Maker of the Universe.

"Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be strong. Be courageous. And do everything in love." - 1 Corinthians 16:13

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Vampire Weekend, Freelance Whales, Bess Rogers, Jillian Edwards, Amy Stroup, The Weepies, School of Seven Bells, Nelo, and the list goes on and on.

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