saying goodbyes

never gets easier.. One of those silly life annoyances that seems to taunt me with the closing of each wonderful life chapter. After changing schools and cities and graduating and funerals, I somehow keep expecting my mind to more gracefully handle goodbyes and become accustom to the strenuous movement from one now to the next. Yet, I am learning the more you love the more you love. As author Shauna Niequist phrases it in her stupendous novel Bittersweet, "the closer you get the closer you get" Seriously, go pick up a copy of either of her books today. Stay up late drinking hot tea and wearing fuzzy socks, digesting each page until the sun rises. You won't regret it. Moving aside from that tangent... Jesus has been showing me how rare true, tangible, treasured community really is in this crazy life we live. This blog is dedicated to all the beautiful souls that threaded together an unforgettable fish year. The purpose of this blog was to document haps from the year for a preoccupied, forgettable D'Ann to relive in future times. I want to memorize and relive all those glorious moments with all you marvelous people. Maybe it was only a 5 minute conversation or a million tiny moments shared in the wee hours of the morning.. regardless I am different because of the community that was shown to me at A&M. The friends I knew "just wouldn't come" and the people that broke my barriers and proved me wrong every step of the way. Thanks and gig 'em. 

The past few months have been full of my cup being poured into more wise more elegant more intelligent people than me. Learning life from others is beautiful. Making best friendships in a matter of days. Figuring out what it's all about. Stuffing ourselves with pounds of junk food. Developing disgusting sleep routines. Those are all just stellar bonuses. Yet, here we are breaking our bonds temporarily to embark upon new adventures. New adventures are often scary... even if they are just traveling back to a hometown. But it's time I took some of this love and life, pouring it into other amazing people. The lessons I have learned, the stories I have heard unfold, the hearts I have seen: these will be passed to others. I am undeserving of all the material blessings and beautiful souls I have witnessed for this season. I have been bathed in John 13, "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Happy summer monthing to all you tots! I am working on being wholeheartedly devoted wherever Baby J wants to place me. Trying my best in Christ to put others above my own silly selfish goals. Killing that diva attitude and investing in those placed around me. Feel free to hold me accountable in that! I am constantly in need of heart checks and community accountability. 

Bands: Jenny and Tyler, Nathaniel Rateliff, Jon Foreman, Mat Kearney's new tunes, Jillian Edwards, Matthew Mayfield.
Movies: revisit the oldies. Disney classics. You've Got Mail (because 1. super springtime summer loving film 2. can't go wrong with striking up a romance between Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks 3. makes you want to build a teepee inside a corner bookstore).

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