sweet summertime

geezjollywillikers! I woke up this morning and June has surpassed my bleak lil eyes in a gust of working, catching zzz's, glued to ncis and boy meets world, and grubbing down. Who knew one month of the much anticipated summer would fly by me without me hardly noticing. Lately, I have been so swamped with "life" that I have somehow managed to loose sight of some of the beautiful daily joys. Regardless of how crazytown summer has gone by, I am soakin' up every ray of sunshine and lovin' these summer days.

Jesus has a funny way of breaking me, collapsing me to my knees in front of His majestic thrown. This first month of summer has worn me out. Simply stated. Working 35 hours a week, 15 hours of summer school, volunteering, teaching kids, leadership camp counseling... you get the picture. Throw in friends and family and you have lil ol me, running around like a chicken with my head cut off (shout out Chicken Run), half-hazardly invested in everything. Then, I broke. One of those really proud moments where you are on the brink of loosing it, asking "how did I get here AGAIN? Why do I keep doing this to myself?" Naturally, I turned on Scrubs to drown out my own mental voice. True life. In the episode, Carla tells Elliot for the millionth time to stop being so hard on herself and accept the fact that she is human. Dripping of truth, that statement reigns true in my life. I will forever struggle over and over again with the same silly issues time and time again. How beautiful to accept that there is a Savior holding my hand through the entire ordeal. No matter how many times I return to the same conclusion or sin, Jesus never leaves me. Yes, sometimes He breaks down to teach me where I am at once again. Heck to the yes! He welcomes me home with loving arms every time. I tend to overcomplicate life. Sometimes we just need to embrace our failure and soak up some King's love. That's what I have been learning lately. 

These styles inspire me to buy some flowers for summery hair-dos.

I challenge you to self-evaluate what life stage you are currently hanging out in. If you are where you want to be, celebrate that delightful treasure and don't take one second of your day be taken for granted. If you are not, make your mind up to change some things. It's summer! and you are young! So what I have been learning is to get over myself, accept that only I can change my now, and appreciate how marvelous every drop of Sonic Ocean Waters taste. Forgive somebody. Have those hard and awkward conversations. They can 180 degree flip an entire relationship forever. I can testify to that.

Go get a McDonald's Rollo McFlurry NOW! Just take me up on that one. Don't load up your schedule with a bunch of nothingness. Roll those windows down and bust out some gnarly vocals. That's all folks.