Au Revoir France blissfulness!

Oh Dijon and Paris have been mighty swell to us! Cities famous for mustard, owls, Eiffel towers, delicious food and more have not only met but also exceeded our expectations. Within each of these French villes we’ve experienced some of our most triumphant and trivial honeymoon memories. We arrived in Dijon tired, hot and hungry- warning: treading on some very dangerous territory with an Ayers lady. Bopants’ suitcase comically got one wheel ripped off somewhere in the airport, so we’ve been hauling his 60 lb bag around Europe...without wheels. Let me tell you, that is no Olympic sport. Typically, this predicament causes us to both giggle and joke about our hilarious life circumstances. But on my birthday when I was not in the mood to kid, this hiccup was just plain irritating. The day actually went from bad to worse in a mirage of rather ironic events. Which is rather comical, assuming I LOVE birthdays and planned on this one being the finest of them all. After a hotel room tantrum a pick me up prescription of Boy Meets World and Harry Potter, we redeemed the day with an amazing dinner followed by our first of many crème brulees. Dijon is home to our favorite meal of the trip – an “editor” themed library restaurant serving up a full English menu, Long Island Iced Teas brewed by Jesus himself, fantastic cooking and the lovely company of grandpa from California who just finished a 10-day cruise in Normandy. Paris is a dreamboat of rich history, picturesque cafes and iconic scenery. We’ve rather enjoyed the fun street shops, popping in each of them ranging from tourism based to overpriced luxury clothes. Right by our hotel, we uncovered the most quaint hole-in-the-wall Mediterranean nutella creperie. That’s right, a one-stop shop of perfection. There, we met the sweetest lil Parisian who talked our ear off about tennis, whisky and Texas misconceptions. Our most treasured memories in Paris have been relaxing on the riverboat informational tour, climbing up to the roof of Notre Dame and grubbin on our assortment of street cart food. We couldn’t gush enough about our adoration for the French.

Being married is the best. Hands down, the most fun and most rewarding experience in life. I had an elevated vision of what I anticipated marriage to be. Yet, ours has daily surpassed any preconception I had previously. Some background on yours truly- I am a relationship initiator to the maximum. Some people live for well folks, I live for people. Ever since I was a tiny tot, I sought out best friends like I would never meet another human soul. Just ask Sam or Karla. It annoyed the wits out of them, me befriending half the continent and loading up my social calendar at the age of four. I fall in love with the hearts of people rather quickly and pursue friendships with vigor. While this is considered by many in my life to be one of my greatest assets, it has undoubtedly caused some of my biggest downfalls. I have been constantly disappointed or confused with why other people haven’t seemed as interested or care as much or respond as quickly or whatever the issue might by in our relationship. I craved a best friend who was there for everything. One who could talk to me for hours or just sit together in a quiet room. One who would answer the phone and immediately ask intentional questions. College was when I began to see that authentic picture more realistically through some beautiful friends and roommates who actually LIVED LIFE out with me long term. Not a weekend or momentary convenience friendship, but something alive and full of action. Turns out I have been trying to shove most my friends in a role they could never fulfill. I didn’t just want a best friend; I was seeking a soulmate. But admitting that scared the bejesus out of me, so it was wayyyyy easier to continue pouring into friends.

Alan Taylor Bopants Wells is just the greatest best friend ever!! We wake up together everyday. Explore the world and know we are sharing our memories with someone who will beside us forever. He knows me inside and out and still pursues me day in and day out. I have never felt at such ease and comfort with another human. The most amazing part of the whole thing has been how much I immediately appreciate my other friendships for face value. I’m no longer pigeon holing people into a role they can’t fulfill. I’m learning to embrace each colorful friend for who they are, admiring the traits that make them vibrant brothers and sisters in Christ. I am so thankful for how Jesus has orchestrated such peace and joy from our wedding/marriage, catapulting us into a life of service together. I just can’t wait to get home and start developing our community together, seeking out relationships for the Kingdom!

kittens inspired by kittens

Guess what guess what guess what?!?! Today is my birthday (whoophallelujahgiveChristtheglorywhoop!) I’ve discovered there are two classes of people in the world. Those who treat birthdays as national holidays and everyone else. I’m a birthday person. One day dedicated to being thankful for one being present and active in the world. Is there anything more cool or glorifying of Christ’s creations? In my birthday heaven, there is an abundance of muffin tops, good smelling perfumes, fuzzy socks, hot cups of tea, and Mexican food. Truck loads of it. As in, I’d be swimming in a fountain of queso while eating a guacamole tostada and sipping on some salsa. You can probably guess what my main unfulfilled international craving has been. Anywho, as my 21st birthday is just around the river bend I’ve been thinking over the blessings that came with my 20th year. So stinking many. Let’s just name a few.
  • Moving back in with one my best friends Madi Mae Parker and sharing a fort queen sized bed, along with a plethora of other life treasures in Taos House
  • Blessed employment at the Volunteer Center and with some lovely families as a babysitter/tutor/helper, getting to see Christ’s fingerprints in different environments
  • Gaining a college Business degree from the finest college on the planet. WHOOP A&M!!!!
  • Coming back to Lubbock to soak up life with my lovely family, roommate sister and old friends
  •  Learning about the Spirit and God’s people through College Station IHOP, The Wells Project, Covenant Family Church and so many other outlets
  • Planting at ExperienceLife again and having lil tastes of community to come
  • Marrying my best friend and new lifelong roommate, Mr. Alan Taylor Bopants Wells!

So many shimmering memories in 365 days of my 20th year. I’m pumped to see how Jesus is going to out do himself in this upcoming year. He always outshines my expectations, lil ultimate birthday gift giver.

Europe has been pure bliss! There are too many cool stories and moments to share. We would be here all year long if I recanted each interesting story or funny moment or cultural humor. Switzerland was stocked full of such clean, happy, friendly folk. We indulged in the free transportation, picturesque weather and small town comforts. Lake Geneva and the local parks just added the cherry on top of the quaint postcard feel. We learned that these people LOVE their espresso. No American pot style coffee for them. Straight espresso shots all the way. Mealtimes are Olympic events for these locals, filled with first courses+ main meals+ dessert+ café/espresso+ after meal smoke. We surprised many a waiter when we planned on heading out after our main course. All the south French Alpe cities are just plain dreamy. Our days mainly consist of snapping pictures of old building we can’t read the plaques to know what they are, grubbing on something consistent of bread and cheese or Mediterranean cuisine, taking afternoon jet lag naps that last up to 3 hours, striking up comical chatter with locals, moseying around and discovering the town. Honestly, it’s hard to think of what to talk about so if you have any specific questions or suggestions for upcoming blog entrees message me!

To sum up what I’ve learned the past week: shalom. Resting in Sabbath. Dwelling in the pause of life. In Mark 2, Jesus states, “The Sabbath was made to serve us; we weren’t made to serve the Sabbath.” In Deuteronomy 5 we are commanded, “Don’t ever forget that you were slaves in Egypt and God, your God, got you out of there in a powerful show of strength. That’s why God, your God, commands you to observe the day of Sabbath rest.” Granted that was an old law applicable to the Jews, but we were rescued in the midst of our own worldly slavery by a much more powerful show of strength by the death and resurrection of Christ. So how much more are we held accountable to rest in God’s strength and just rest. As Americans, we have no concept of true Sabbath. How many Sundays do we pile our schedule full of “church activities” or chores or intentional coffee dates or to-do lists we’ve put off all week. Convicted by Jesus’ words, I realize I was serving the Sabbath. Practically every week of my life. Until we came to Europe- disconnected from everyone and everyone, with no agenda or timeline to adhere to, nowhere else we could or should be- nothing to do but observe the beauty of Christ’s creations and cool skylines and architecture creativity. I mean, really though, HOW COOL!!! Granted, Lubbock’s charm is not necessarily a good comparison to small French ski mountain cities. But the parallel exists. I should be dwelling with my Savior, doing basically nothing but worshipping and admiring his handiwork. At least once a week. Welp, that’s what I’ve got for you tonight folks. Hope you are doing lovely :] My prayer for you is that this week you breath a lil deeper in the peace of utter dependent rest in our Redeemer. We are His and He is ours.. and that, well that, is enough.