Summer Reading List

My infatuation with reading flows deep and wide. Summer presents prime time for cozying up by the pool or air conditioning and diving into an addictive novel. Below are ratings and mini summaries of my favorite browses.

1. Love, Rosie: From the author P.S. I Love you, this nugget of joy has a bit of romance dominated by witty characters with terrible timing. Written in multiple correspondent style communications, I found the book to have a refreshing quick reading flow. A little love, charm and soul searching.

2. Where'd You Go Bernadette: Strung together by mainly letters/emails/doctor's notes and first person narration by 15 year old, this book is a hoot. The mother daughter comical relationship, observations of a small suburban community and life on the inside of Microsoft create a page-turning delight. 

3. The Storyteller: Another masterpiece by Jodi, giving us a peak into the minds of multiple characters affected by the holocaust. Really intriguing plot with creative character development. 

4. The Book Thief: Narrated through death's perspective during WW2, I found myself lost in the storyline completely enthralled with each subplot. The timeline focuses on meetings between death and a German foster girl. A heavier read dealing with hard issues, unhappy endings, and historical fiction. Hands down one of my favorite reads of 2013!

5. Water for Elephants: Falling into the entrancing world of circus performers in only the beginning adventure of this novel. This book really stretches the imagination and wonder of the reader. With colorful characters and a well development human/animal bond, always a grand re-read!

6. The Nanny Diaries: After working as a nanny/tutor/substitute for years, I throughly enjoyed this peak into the life of Manhattan located live-in nannies. Granted, the Upper East momma drama is exaggerated - but that doesn't make it any less appreciated. Addresses tough issues through comical perspective and a good dose of romance.

7. The Secret Life of Bees: Lily Owens is one of the most perplexing minds for a reader to examine, with her youthful naivety and blurred memory and mesmerizing setting.  I found myself picking up a southern accent mirroring the dominantly feminine beekeepers. One of the best vocal narratives with a parallel to Mark Twain. After reading this in 6th grade, I was amazed at how much I was still in love with TSLoB.

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