Seven Day Snapshots

 photo window_zpsd27c74f6.jpg  photo bo_zps057067ac.jpg  photo madi_zpsf921e4fd.jpg  photo brussels_zps22579d41.jpg  photo hat_zps70488fa2.jpg  photo ride_zpse5c1890e.jpg  photo chris_zps5b9c873a.jpg  photo queso_zps5fc6e89d.jpg
The past 7 days included a whirlwind of countries, airports, food products and familiar faces! Leaving London, we visited Belgium and Switzerland on our trek back to the states. At home, we indulged in many many many sources of queso and root beer. We definitely have thrown our bodies back in to America food flavoring routine. Due to our current homelessness, we have been able to see some friends and family on our Texas road trip going through Dallas and Austin so far. Being back in the states is the bee's knees, but we are just about ready to unpack and settle into our home!

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