Seven Day Snapshots

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This week was one filled with plenty of movies, warm English tea, hours of Tour de France watching and capturing last minute London loves. You guys, a miracle has happened. That sneaky Bopants has turned me into a SPORTS person. Let me explain to you the monumental severity of this personality adaptation. I never did or cared about sports prior to our marriage. As in, I participated in P.E. online to get out of physical activity in school. My idea of sports is championing Gilmore Girls marathons and timing who can eat the bowl of queso the fastest. But that D'Ann is dead and gone. I can tell you all about doping (which, shocker, isn't doing drugs rather it's oxygenating blood. Who knew?), peloton tactics and our heroic Froome. Our London church released a fantastic bout of tunes called Glorious Ruins - check them out here! My boy, Daniel Radcliffe, starred in an rather disturbing role which displayed his vast characterization talents in this play. We relished in the Londoners free outdoor cinema screens playing Disney moves, the British Open and The Tour. Even a little police officer allowed his puppy to enjoy the outdoor fun! Cheers to you all, hope your seven days were are stellar as ours :]

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