The bloody brilliance that is Jo Rowling

My love affair with the magical world of Harry Potter kicked off back in 2001, when the family
indulged my curiosity and picked up the book-on-tape for us to listen to on a long road trip to
whoknowswhere. As you may remember, the big debate at the time was wether the books were
devilish or would morph the reader into witchcraft worshipping heathens (which is rather ironic now
considering how many gospel themes are interwoven into the novel). So in small town Texas, openly adoring these books became a bit taboo.I had more than a few friends, parents and teachers who discouraged my Potterhead adoration, which probably only fueled the flame even more.

The Tale of the Three Brothers. The most artistic scene from the series and debatably any film on the planet 

Chances are, you know storyline or have already watched the beauty that embodies the movies. Rather than giving summaries/opinions, I wanted to share some of the really great interviews and links for those who want to lose themselves in the wizardry world. Here you will find the best sorting hat quiz out there. The quiz comprises all the Pottermore questions without you having to go to Pottermore and set up an account/read the chapters/etc. This chap hilariously sings the series summary in a shocking 99 seconds. Back in the day when fml and mylifeisaverage websites took the web by storm, averagewizard stole the scene and my heart. 

Jo & Daniel give in depth commentary on characters, plot creation/changes, the casting and filming. My favorite HP interview of the decade. Hearing Daniels casting story at 2:47 was awesome. 

Here is another interview where Jo details the women in Harry Potter and how each one's vital role along with how they developed throughout the novels. A Very Potter Musical is a fan created musical parody of the series, with creative character interpretations of Malfoy and Cho Chang. Welp, I have gone nerd rant on you enough for today. Time to bust out the butterbear and trade in your muggle mind for something a little more magical.

From our house of Ravenclaw to yours. 


  1. From another Ravenclaw to another Ravenclaw I must say I love your blog and this post :D

    1. Ravenclaws for life! You, me, Luna and Cho Chang share a special bond for life. Thanks thanks!


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