Last Minute Honeymoon Shots

As per usual, life has been all over the place since we touched down back in the good ol US of A. Spending just
 a few days at home, we took to the open road and kicked off a 10 day road trip of Texas. We loved visiting friends and family, catching up on all summer goodness with them! Here are some photos from our last few weeks in London 
and Belgium. We paddle-boated in Hyde Park on one of the sunnier London days. Packing a picnic with all sorts of different yumminess, the day was just "brilliant!" I could definitely get used to living this style of life everyday. 
   photo 6c8f38d1-a5df-41ed-9959-eff51bb412f0_zps090c5281.jpg  photo 25109bb9-4945-4438-96e3-82bbcdf19c2b_zpsf05970b4.jpg Just posting these, my taste buds are having withdrawals from the strawberry cider and salt and vinegar chips.  photo 6135fa4a-701f-4917-8794-361a86d6128d_zps2154889b.jpg  photo a6d19928-908d-4532-8a46-6f5293ced5d7_zpsdd5aef24.jpg
 photo 6404231a-01e0-4ff5-8feb-902ab8dc7972_zps26946bf5.jpg  photo c3cf530b-8dcc-44c8-a207-d1d213091ba9_zpsa107c79a.jpg
My wonderfully awesome family came to London for a couple weeks to visit during their summer vacation travels. I was so blessed to have their company and familiar faces during our 10 weeks abroad. Some of my favorite memories with them while abroad include: high tea, weekend visit to Canterbury, sister travels to Ireland and people watching in Leister Square.
 photo c89a34f7-bbe9-442e-a01e-ff9367a72f8b_zps55a801a9.jpg  photo bce53c28-b66f-414a-8ff6-a8fff5ed6874_zps8d27f68f.jpg  photo f8f7acc8-8e04-44fe-bfad-9ad234cb309d_zpsd34385e5.jpg  photo 7660a3f5-e140-4cb2-8b0e-f4e69c9fa6e9_zpse34fd5e8.jpg  photo 0564a41a-f6fc-4769-ae06-7507767a9175_zpsf9e622e8.jpg  photo a66ef21e-b0b0-4171-ba74-54736b37aff7_zpsb88159e8.jpg
For the wrap up to our "honeymoon Europe travels", we trekked over to Belgium for a couple days during what just so happened to be the National Holiday. Bopants chose to work on his modeling career while browsing the streets of Brussels, going so far as to borrow a stanger's lovely bike for some casual poses.  photo 5e2c6eb8-0371-425a-a95a-34298bcf0d77_zps14e4270e.jpg
Belgium waffles surpassed all expectations with their amazing flavor and scrumptious fluffyness.  photo f8b63893-8d3e-462c-b842-8a1155b192c6_zpse402ceb2.jpg

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