Two Drifters Off to See the World

Better late than never, am I right?? Between hustling back to the states, going on a tour of Texas and moving into our amazing backhouse, I managed to keep delaying the posting of our wedding photos. My mind can't even begin to digest that this special day took place just about 3 months ago... say whaaaat. I have been a wife for MONTHS. That's nutso. Let me just start by saying a huge thanks to everyone who helped out with our special day. Quick overview of my handy helpers. Venue: St. Luke's Memphis Campus, Photographers: Two Pair Photography, Wedding Planner: Dawn Fleming (my knight in shining armor and one of my best friends from forever/bridesmaid's momma), Florist: Darla Drum, Caterer: Leah Yancey and Paper Good: Hartsfield Design. I absolutely would have lost my marbles without the aide of all these lovely people. One of my favorite aspects of our wedding was the integration of so many family friends, highlighting their rockin awesome talent by supporting their businesses. Now without further ado..

 photo 72e6fa5b-d4b2-490d-bc0d-342ed92996bb_zps40c36427.jpg  photo f38299f5-9743-4415-9e6e-f4ef5970e758_zpsa3e6a36f.jpg  photo 0da523d3-9e30-4ec3-b055-6fc255eaabbe_zps90cee55a.jpg  photo d366c2d9-996f-429e-b0e3-690c66908bb6_zpscc5bba9d.jpg Some of the guys pre wedding shots. Not even surprised that as the women as running around like chickens with their heads cut off, the dudes are jamming on the piano and enjoying cream sodas.  photo a73e4875-9db2-4fc3-875b-d7b307ed29ec_zps2893147e.jpg  photo 9c9735a0-2239-4c97-baa4-f48e97f37908_zpsd2bf76e7.jpg My wedding dress was first worn by my grandma, Gima in the 50s. My momma bear was the second to sport the beauty down the aisle. Held up well for 3 weddings, 3 body types, and 3 fiestas! Hope I'm just holding up as good in 50+ years.  photo 76f1a343-1253-485f-a74a-3694346ba919_zpsdf74fd2a.jpg  photo 073e4102-2738-41fd-b62d-a9783ff5804c_zps7cfa0129.jpg  photo ff0a5461-1230-4946-9215-6bc4ccf52ead_zpscea8cba1.jpg The dashing wedding parties, comprised of some of the most hardcore rockstars we know. So thankful for each of the colorful personalities represented. I can't get over how awesome these shots are with the mirroring laughing groups.  photo 7c5d8d92-814c-4f87-b4f4-7eef294c82ae_zps606d1221.jpg  photo 9bade0da-b010-4ed6-9904-c7865f19f141_zps60a049a7.jpg  photo ab477b3a-a530-4aba-9ef1-605b0ba923e4_zpsf823663c.jpg
For more snazzy shots and behind the scenes, click the read more after the page break button below

Here are some of my favorite ceremony shots  photo 4c1cd187-a5aa-4654-ad20-2b27f03ba93b_zps2af1c6fc.jpg  photo f9137379-7ae9-409d-91dc-7ada64543e01_zpsec476d20.jpg  photo bafb9899-85d1-4475-8ae9-747addc3df75_zpsc5461b70.jpg  photo 90db1e74-e625-4d58-8b8b-d8dbf92a57a0_zps585b14ba.jpg  photo 05567604-8e93-44f5-ab22-b94410bac64c_zpsea74158b.jpg  photo bf55388b-6bb2-4d19-9716-308d93ba50eb_zpsf0402d3d.jpg The wedding was held in my childhood church, St. Lukes. I performed numerous musicals on that stage. Got baptized. Sang in Christmas concerts. Played handbells up there. Decorated the annual christmas tree. So many memories in this building and I am so happy that I was add one more special day to the memories contained in those four walls.  photo 144eabf6-6d60-4515-b877-19302f913442_zps66c622f7.jpg  photo 8bd8a82b-02f7-40b9-b158-acb9e8298e6a_zps6b53376d.jpg For our table decorations we used different book themes for each table, comprised with various memorabilia that applied. Here were some of the bestest.  photo 3f817603-0031-431e-a768-1c70a95c1b36_zps58a8374d.jpg  photo 260436b2-38e8-4724-b46c-635c0d356ba3_zps79844b47.jpg We rented a Disney bouncehouse for the fiesta. Perhaps the utterly most ingenious purchase of my entire life. So thankful for going against everyone's judgement and getting a happy hopper.  photo 3ccabe4d-9613-4522-9a86-24eb0dad2cf3_zps751c1725.jpg  photo 0aebec10-9e85-4070-aa71-51d20a1acd6b_zps1ff5b330.jpg  photo f3fa1557-1fa0-45b0-8601-18f9e692a964_zps9daafe45.jpg We rode off on a tandem bike, which was hilarious for my uncoordinated self but fit with us splendidly.  photo 9278d323-5296-4b4a-b453-5e2eecf17eb2_zps6fc94d2a.jpg  photo dff3872b-93fa-43ef-8a4a-893c22a53402_zpse52f8e3b.jpg Lastly, some wedding details. I've been told they matter loads. Not sure of my personal opinion on that statement, but I had fun tying up the final details.  photo 0c6833a0-e78b-45e2-9fa0-c986eadc72a9_zps051659f8.jpg  photo 63485f0b-0246-4430-a672-9e9de6d3d883_zps28d314da.jpg  photo c15aa24d-827d-4adf-8953-71a564d5164a_zps7cb381ba.jpg  photo 4c51c5b5-4e6a-4283-a728-0e386afa859c_zps17021d40.jpg  photo 364b6474-bc38-42a2-9751-9c41e673b262_zps495d8396.jpg  photo e3c41ebe-04c3-49b4-af16-fc8cebda28a8_zpse582f8a1.jpg


  1. What a way to spend your summer vacation...Beautiful bride handsome groom and lovely wedding such wonderful memories for you to savor..if you ever stop long enough to reflect. I am sooooo glad I got to be a part of your adventures..I loved your pics of your European trip. They brought back many memories for me, too.
    Love to both of you
    P.S. Welcome to the clan, Mr. BoPants

  2. SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO... beautiful!


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