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For quite some time now, I've been politely asking  obnoxiously begging Bopants to be a regular contributor here on the interwebs. This blog serves as my documented chronicles of life, which has now joyfully been joined with another stud. So much of who I am is linked to who Bopants is and how we create our life together. If we were bands, I'd be Freelance Whales - throwing in as many cool instruments, voices, ideas together in one song to encompass the minefield that is my mind, while Bo would be Jack Johnson- sticking to one solid vocal and guitar focus. He often says far more profound things using far less words. Where as I am off the charts extrovert, this man would be content as a clam in his introvert world. In more ways than one, he is the ying to my yang. Much like our celebrity look alikes, The Ying Yang Twins. Having trouble mentally comparing us to this 2000 rap duo, no problem I've made our comparison handy for you.  photo yingyangtwins_zps24a54640.jpg
See, twinkies. Now without further ado, please put your hands together and welcome husband to the blog world!

     My wife tells me I need to drink more water. "Honey, a pot of coffee is like 97% water. I think I'm good." This kind of statement never goes over well. I also explain that I am very good at managing my nutrition: I often drink sweet tea (easy on the sweet), eat a banana every other day, and something green twice a week. But to be honest, I really shouldn't be delving too far into my nutritious habits, seeing as I've been sick the entire month of September. 
     Four months into marriage (!!!) and God as already taught me so much. I wish I could say that I couldn't fit it all into one page, but I would be lying. The truth is, I've been learning a few 4 or 5 things recurrently. This is probably because we, as humans, can't handle much. We are full of selfishness, pride, greed, and envy. Being in a marriage amplifies these very tendencies (or at least our awareness of them.) Being in a marriage makes it very clear just how sinful you are. (By the way, isn't that what we have with God? As a Church, we are the Bride of Christ.) This is a "Good" occurrence! The more we become aware of our own sin, the more we realize how much we need Jesus. This is called sanctification. 
      You should always have someone in your life (whether or not you're married) that is showing you these very things. If you don't, you end up getting addicted to coffee and thinking that it is a good source of hydration. You might think that you get by just fine on your own, especially if you're an introvert (as I am), but then you find yourself sick for an entire month. You may think you have it all together, but then you realize that you can't save yourself, or your family, or your teacher, or your dog. We need people around us that remind us of these things, because if you're like me, you wouldn't drink much Water if you had your way.

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