Seven Day Snapshots

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These past few weeks have been just a collection of kittens, coffee dates, letter writing and social dates. Bopants, one of my dear bridesmaids and myself traveled to Dallas to visit a dear friend and one of my wonderful younger cousins.. who might I add is thriving far more in college than I ever did! Sometimes it's humbling (but also awesome) to watch others just dominate in their given fields. Speaking of fields, we've been able to watch one of our sweet nieces own the softball fields in Lubbock with style and flare. Watching elementary diva girls giggle and chant cheers and intimidate others is just stinking rewarding if I do say so myself. In other news, SOPHIA BUSH and DICK WOLF are collaborating on a new tv show. Can we just dwell on that for 19 seconds. One tree hill brilliance meets law&order SVU. The mirrored responses are from my two roommates who religiously watched both shows with me our sophomore year. Hilarious how similar and enthusiastic they respond - no wonder we were such swell roomies. I also took a lil trip to the library last week and scored some addicting new page turners. So pumped to give you updates!! Hope you've had a swimming week thus far dear readers.

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