Seven Day Snapshots

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Fall fever is in the air and infecting every part of my existence this week. Our local apple orchard hosted their annual "Apple Butter Festival" last weekend, so we rounded up some of our favorite fellow apple lovers and soaked up the wonderful weather and yummy eats. The country store was just gorgeous- basically my mental snapshot of all good things that embody fall. Papa Bear and I went to watch "To Kill a Mockingbird" at our local cinema, which might I add was FULL TO THE BRIM. Lubbockites know a good thing when it comes along. Such a swell experience to watch one America's best novel's in black and white original film format. I've downed an embarrassing amount of tea and sported my favorite ensemble of tights&dress more times than I'd care to admit the past few days. The weather reminded me of our honeymoon in Europe, so I've been busting out our souvenir mugs at every possible chance. Momma Bear and I bonded loads this past week while our husbands were off jet setting the country. Staying up too late, stuffing our chompers full of Chinese and catching up on tv shows were not only great for our relationship but so refreshing for my soul. The model shot of the gent on the right is my one and only Papa Bear! It's really apparent in photos, like this one, where my strikingly good looks come from. It takes some star quality genes to produce that Hollywood worthy mugshot. Happy kick off to Fall you cyberweb amigos!

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