Seven Day Snapshots

 photo 2_zpscaf44123.jpg  photo 4_zps1cf99579.jpg  photo 5_zps45883ef0.jpg  photo 3_zpsb0274456.jpg  photo 1_zps43e064ac.jpg  photo 6_zps0dbba9b6.jpg Thankfully for everyone, the past week has been happily dominated with cool weather and warm eats. We busted out our Kerby Lane Pumpkin Pancake mix from Austin, Texas and enjoyed playing with our food a bit too much. Saturday was national Make A Difference Day, so we planted with about 20 volunteers in the crisp morning breeze. Papa Bear and Sissykins kicked running bootie in the Palo Duro trail run. Afterwards, Sissykins and I wasted the afternoon with errands and watching The Internship - hands down my favorite comedy cinema of the year. I carved pumpkins alongside some lovely international families, my dear friends Maddie and Raven. We were feeling with owl painted pumpkin theme, while Maddie totally blew us all away with this almost Tangled inspired flower!

Not pictured: early morning bagel/coffee dates with new eLife friends have been some of the best communal soul food I've had in a while. My newer friend, Emily, has just been such a source of inspiration and challenges me constantly with her internet article facts. Madi Mae & I got to talk each other's ears off for over an hour Monday morning and I once again was reminded of how much I am thankful for that booger. After getting a couple weeks behind in watching "The Voice, Maddie and myself have lounged for over 7 hours in front of the tube trying to catchup. She's a trooper.

The Head and the Heart. Rivers & Roads - Monday Morning Motivation

Let's just appreciate this chap's tone and clarity in front of the ocean. Head & the Heart has been a long time favorite of ours. Everyone belting beautifully right on tone and harmony at 3 minutes is chillbumping. Also, at 3:30 when the girl just takes over - some serious monday morning motivation

A Word from Mr. Bopants

Tests, coffee, friendly faces, early mornings (which means more coffee), cold weather, and tea: these are all things that have filled my schedule these last few weeks. I feel like we were just in the cardigan weather of London last week; now we are fully underway through this fall season. Every morning, I find myself having about 5 or 6 minutes in the midst of my morning to-do’s realizing the freight train of life. Its crazy how fast it can go. Even still, Annie and I are really pumped for the things that the Lord has for us in the next 12 months. Man- so much can happen. I have to remind myself, however, where we have come from these last 12 months. This time last year we had just gone to Austin City Limits (a.k.a. ACL), and I was starting to plan out the details of a proposal. Many sleepless nights and racing thoughts of excitement and anticipation filled me. Now, we are kept up at night by the thoughts of graduation, moving across the country, and a swirl of other things.

You have to ask yourself: “what keeps me up at night, and is it worth it?” So often I find myself stressing about things that aren’t worth the 20 minutes out of the 42,048,000 minutes that we are allotted in this life. Is it worth it? Your reasons don’t have to be the social-injustices that face our generation; they just have to be worth it- to you. Which brings me to my next thought: learning who is worth it. D’Ann and I have T-minus 7 months until we could be gone. We could be 2,000 miles away, in-fact. I have to know who is worth it. Don’t misunderstand me; I don’t mean that I am some superior person that people have to deserve 5 minutes with. But in the scheme of life, look back. Who do you keep in touch with? Do you wish that you had kept up with people that were truly special to you? You can choose one of two paths: knowing a lot of people who you sort of know, or knowing a few people really fully and deeply. Either you’ll have a lot of people who think “yeah- I had lunch with that guy once” or you’ll have a few who say: “man, he has a full heart, and I know that to be true”.
A lot of the time, it is not imperative that we know the answer to the above questions, but it is essential that we ask.

Take a Trip with Me Down Nostalgia Lane

These past few weeks, behind every corner I've been bombarded with triggers from memory lane. Some beautiful. Some awful. Some hysterical. Some sombering. Each of us tends to reflect on our personal history through either overly optimistic or unnecessarily jaded glasses... or maybe that's just me... either way, most the time, I see my past through rose tinted panes - forgetting the bitter, focusing on only the sweet. I'm working on finding the balance between the two. A mixture of fall weather, old friend reunions, forgotten books notes and calendar reminders have slowed me down to hammer out a more reflective post. Goodness knows, I'm going to forget all of these mini-lessons and important memories in only a mere matter of weeks. So bear with me as we take a stroll through the memories.  photo bjd_zpsb8551e75.jpg A couple weeks ago, I was reunited with these two lovelies for the first time in months. We've been best friends and fellow trouble makers since 7th grade. Our friendship has adapted and gone through many shifts in these past 10 years. Gosh. That's weird. Their faces are interwoven in memories including my happiest vacations, major life changes, biggest fights, craziest boy drama and everything in between. Jocie Anne, BeeBop and Andy have together weathered it all. I'll never take for granted that we have walked through life and stayed in contact through all these years. Words can't describe how grateful I am for these beauties who have put up with me for almost an entire decade.
John Mayer has an unexplainable long lasting love in my heart that can't be shaken. Confession: I have 85 of his songs in iTunes. Fangirl through and through. I belted majority of his lyrics throughout my middle and high school years. Literally, just about every song from any of his albums pre-Born&Raised holds a deep connection to some deep-rooted memory. During the fall, my ears always crave extra John. Might be because that's when I saw him in concert a few Octobers past or got ahold of his first CD in fall of 2001. The other day when I was driving home from work, I just pulled over and let the music bring up memories I hadn't let up in ages.

As I mentioned in this post that earlier this week, I stumbled upon the Twilight movie. I camped out for hours my Junior year of high school to see the midnight premiere and was so frustrated with the film that I went home after and stayed up all night re-reading the novel to remember the characters in a better light. Every fall since, I've re-read the series.Tuesday of this week, I picked them back up and blew through the series again finishing the 4th earlier today. I'm an avid book note writer, so it was interesting to read all my notes and doodles from the past 7 years. Strange to see how much I have and haven't changed in comparison to that original reader.
In conclusion, some of our super artsy friends created this short film last January. They did a rockin job. So proud of everyone and such a tribute to Jordan. Enjoy! Hope this season, you find some time to pause and allow old memories to surface and remind you of the good, bad, ugly and breathtaking.

Cross Country Correspondence photo texa3_zpsde5ac9aa.jpg

As promised in this delightful post, one of my most favoritest people in the entire world is teaming up with us for "Cross Country Correspondence." Madi Mae and myself shall be exchanging tidbits of daily life tales over the interwebs embarking on a new creative endeavor. She's my fort-mate, fellow late-night snacker and long-distance best friend. Welcome Madi Mae!

Dearest D’Ann AKA Dibbles AKA Dribbles (because we all know you had mad hoop skillz back in the day),

I don’t even know where to begin with this whole letter thing. It has been quite sometime since I’ve written one. So, here we go- we shall just cover the highlights:

1.) Holy Guacamole Batman! It’s almost November. This might seem inconsequential, I know. But it really is not. The fact that it is already well into fall (whether the Texas weather agrees or not is another story), and I have seven weeks left of my second to last semester of college and that many less weeks to enjoy all the pumpkin/peppermint flavored goodness!? What. I just can’t.

2.) I miss you tremendously. This shouldn’t even be a bullet point because, well, you know this. Here we are nonetheless. It hit me the other day that this time last year, we were still roomies living life up in The Fort, **See what I mean by fort-mate. Best university bedroom ever!**  photo 358d96bf-166f-42ca-9ba2-ab10c805e68f_zps5a3c4300.jpg “Hello Madi. Of course this was a thing.” However, when you think about how much has changed since then, I am astounded. If 2013 had a catch phrase/slogan/tag line, it would probably be “2013: Comin’ attchoo like a freight train, carrying cargo full of opportunity eggs (because that’s a thing) ready to hatch change all over yo’ life!” …maybe we’ll save the marketing for you.
But in all seriousness. Yes. You went off, graduated college, got married, got a real job, traveled Europe, moved into your own home (you live with a boy now. HOW WEIRD) and the year is not even over yet.
I got way more addicted to slam poetry than I ever thought possible, competed in two major slam poetry competitions, pushed back graduation about 4 million times and then moved it forward an additional 4 million times, and help start A&M’s literary magazine.

This time last year, none of these things were even on the horizon, remotely (well, minus graduation for you. I guess we all knew that was coming. And I guess marriage too.)

3.) Nothing’s changed. Madi is still strolling down nostalgia lane being her emotional self, as per usual…and referring to herself in third person. Cool.

4.) I went to a formal animal themed party and made some sick ram horns. I was quiet proud of my production. The entire night, I felt like I was in Wonderland. It was all things lovely. Also- that dress is my grandma’s! Straight up, a legitimate flapper dress. I’m in love. 
 photo da2689a8-2b3c-4040-ab51-4cf9d588d06a_zpsb8b41206.jpg
I guess I will bid you adieu. Till next time love-nut-bottom-cupcake-baby-monkey-pants!
Miss Madi Mae

His&Hers, Morning Brew

 photo coffeehisher_zps02262f17.jpg The other morning, I chuckled noting the comparison in Bopants & my hot morning beverage preferences. My sweet tooth gets me every time, tipping my creamer more than the average sipper. Side note: on my last grocery run I couldn't resist the pumpkin pie and eggnog creamers. No regrets in that decision. Sweet and scrumptious. For today's His&Hers, I present to you our morning brews in our favorite bicycle mugs.  photo coffee2_zps50a208e3.jpg
Another side note: Twilight is playing on tv as I type this up. Lolz at Jacob's long locks. Let's all thank the heavens that this cast grew out of this unbearably awkward phase from movie one.. at least a lil bit..

Spring Offensive. Every Coin - Monday Morning Motivation

Cyber coveting this band of cool cats and those beautiful chandeliers. Such a cool setting. Harmonies at 1:33 are double whoop worthy.

Cross Country Correspondence photo texa3_zpsde5ac9aa.jpg

Keeping with my constant blog experimentation including but not limited to, "all-the-crazy-ideas-that-spontaneously-pop-into-my-mind", I've persistently annoyed one of my bestest friends to join me as a co-writer in a series of life updates here on Mismatched Simplicity. Adapting a style from the talented duo at Vlog Brothers, we thought it would be cool to send letters over interwebs from our lives 8 hours away. Vlog Brothers, Hank and John Green(yes, as in the brilliantly creative author),  create weekly video updates to each other on life/randomness/nerdfighters/etc.

If you're new to the blog, this precious bundle of blonde locks and poetry slamming awesomness might be new to you. We are practically obsessed with each other, so she tends to be sprinkled throughout my blog archives. In fact, she was the source of encouragement and inspiration that got me blogging in the first place. Without further ado,  photo 0fbe1e25-334d-48ae-816b-4cc64359c1da_zpsa430a3fc.jpg
She is the cooler, crazier, more emotionally expressive counterpart of myself. We somewhat randomly roomed together our freshman year of college and have literally been inseparable ever since. Madi has one of those rare personalities that demands presence when she walks into any room. Rooming with her for years, I am always amazed at how she sees the world and communicates her perspectives with relatable analogies and metaphors. I am so thankful for this tot and am stoked to have our relationship grow in yet another great, but unexpected way through the web medium.
What's shaking bacon aka MadiMae (which reminds me that this morning Bopants grilled some bacon to pair with our Kerby Lane pumpkin pancakes [let's just go to Austin now for another midnight roadtrip!!] and I wanted a nibble of them them soooooooo bad. One of those moments the whole vegetarian thing loses major cool points with me),

With the chilly weather taking over our West Texas town, I find myself bundling up on the couch with cups of coffee/tea/hot chocolate far more than usual. Which, let's be honest, has to be quite alot assuming I tend to already spend an embarrassing amount of time parked on these cushions. With all this cold weather, I'm getting pet fever!! Earlier last week, I saw a post about an abandoned miniature dachshund named Pickles (pictured below). However, assuming we have no yard or food or money or real house to adopt this cutie - we had to break all our hearts and let him go to another loving family.  photo 3bd45196-1e04-450f-ab2e-d46e71adbcb3_zps651d17f2.jpg Maybe it's the fall weather or the desire to have a warm animal body snuggling with me at bedtime, but I'm treading in dangerous territory. Which reminded me about that impulsive time we smuggled in sea monkeys as an addition our dorm room. One of my favorite hilarious memories from our early days of friendship. Too bad those guys didn't turn out to be half as cool as this video made them out to be. Such a shame. Thankfully, we are keeping our kittykat/cute puppy/sea monkey fever under wraps until we are more suitable pet owners. So when I call you next week complaining that husband refused to let me keep the black Halloween kitten I found, remind me of our tragedy of flushing the sea monkeys.

Love you to the moon and back in a Mugwalls Pumpkin Vanilla Chai/Grub Burger spiked milkshake serving rocketship,

Seven Day Snapshots

 photo 4_zps3cefd1f5.jpg  photo 6_zps7e361ffd.jpg  photo 7_zps63bfb78d.jpg  photo 5_zps39cf859d.jpg  photo 2_zps6f36f72a.jpg  photo 3_zps24035534.jpg  photo 10_zpsaaf78865.jpg  photo 12_zpsf16fcc82.jpg  photo 9_zps6ca10b81.jpg  photo 11_zpsf54da00d.jpg  photo 8_zps45076e56.jpg  photo 1_zps5af181c3.jpg
Pardon in advance for my potential photo and week update overload. This past week just happened to be chalk full of cups of coffee, convos with dear friends, birthdays, homecoming wrapped up with a Dallas weekend trip! Plus, there are 1908345 other lovely things I wish I could have snapshotted to have documented forever. But since these are my virtual diaries, I figure I can make up the rules as I go. So to sum up some highlights of this past weekish:
- fall is finally coming in cold which has proved most blissful in the wardrobe department. I can finally justify crazy colored tights and outfit combos!!
- Papa bear is a high school principal and celebrated homecoming with the ever beautiful momma bear. Let's all just take in her HUGE mum and precious #1.. what cuties I was produced from
- keep up to date with my october goals list, I wrote a pile of snail mail lovelies to some friends over a pipping hot cup of tea and autumn harvest candle
- Bo's name was spelled bogo at a coffee house, so I figured the mirroring to my misspelled coffee last week made for a comical comparison
- Experience Life had a 2 weekend spontaneous baptism series, which was so encouraging/awesome/inspiration/energizing. Love watching people get dunked and publicly proclaim their new life in Christ!
- checking out delicious local eateries in A-town with my dear friend Bethany in a pitstop to Dallas was a much needed refueling of the belly and soul. I need more amazing women like her in my life
- Bopants avoids my neverending pestering of wearing sunscreen and drinking water, which lead to him sending me this sunburned dehydrated selfie after Tech's football game.. poor nugget
- let me just rave about my movie theater experience this weekend. I mean this cinema deserved 7 gold stars, 2 whoops and a tearful appreciation for their genius RECLINING THEATER HUGE COMFY seats. You might think I'm overreacting. But it's really quite the opposite. AMC set the new cinema seat bar over the moon high.
- visiting my sweet cousin, Mariah at her campus was a treat as usual. One of my favorite things is family relationships changing with age and time. She is such a rockstar and I'm getting spoiled having her so close to hangout with!
- Dallas with Raven was a treat. So many treasured moments and skylines and Mary Kate & Ashley movie flashbacks. Getting to celebrate her birthday and chitty chat for hours on the car ride home was a highlight to this week!

Tis all. Hope your past week was as happy and memory filled as ours!

Bear's Den. Pompeii - Monday Morning Motivation

the black&white. the accents. the harmonies. the lyrics.
double whoop worthy performance, ladies and gents. love this band. like. a. major. fangirl.


Happy Saturday and somewhat start to fall! Over the past 24 hours, we've had some quality couple take shots from various aspects of our lives. Thought it would be nice to give you some side by side comparisons!  photo bunny_zpsa7089dd3.jpg Last night, we celebrated our dear friend Raven's 21st birthday!!! We fiesta-ed in style with Coca-Cola cake, Texas BBQ and porchside chats. One of her little sisters recently acquired this precious bunny that we terrorized for multiple photos..  photo sunrise_zps03e0109c.jpg Speaking of Raven, we are taking a girl's weekend to Dallas!! I couldn't resist the opportunity to cause road havoc and appreciate the massive sky and beautiful sunrise.  photo racecompare_zps50e9cc93.jpg Sissykins and Papa Bear fall into that dreadful "marathon runners" category. I like to sideline support them with a sweet treat, cup of coffee or comfypants on from afar. Since I was on the road and unable to see their running selves in action, Pops managed to take all these roadside running shots. My favorite comparison is my sissys progression of love/hate with his annoying spontaneous photos. I'm so thankful for such a color family with interesting quirks!!


Over last weekend, my sister and I got elected to take a party of middle school girls to our local Corn Maize. For you non-Southerners, a Corn Maize is basically strategically grown corn patterned in cool shapes that form a huge maze for people to get lost in during the fall season. One of those things you just have to experience to really understand. Our Maize piles on the festive fun with a pumpkin patch, hay ride, petting zoo and some finger lickin yummy roasted corn.  photo light2_zps7dc50593.jpg Celebrating 75 years, the theme this year was just too precious with the Wizard of Oz! Creative geniuses, those game makers... I mean maze makers (hunger games, anyone?) While the band of middle schoolers ran rampant in the corn, Sissykins and I entertained SammySue and bonded with all the farm yard friends.  photo corn4_zps9cc8e2bc.jpg  photo corn8_zps2a190146.jpg  photo corn16_zps6946a711.jpg I might have gotten a bit carried away playing photographer in the BREEZY FALL WEATHER surrounded by Southern style hospitality. A glimpse of Stars Hollow right here in Lubbock.  photo corn12_zps3e14815b.jpg photo light1_zps15c2dc84.jpg
Can we please install one of these in every future house we have?  photo corn14_zpsa29ef6d9.jpg  photo corn13_zpsebba3f68.jpg I'm forever a sucker of cuddly animals, nevermind the smell or poop on their tushies. Check out this studly goat, just begging for me to devote my wellbeing to his modeling career. Tempting offer, lil guy.  photo sispic_zpsce276ff9.jpg  photo corn9_zpsdf4115f2.jpg Overall, we had a smashingly swell time! Our middle school munchkins caused a total riot with their constant giggling, running through the corn and photobombing right and left. But hey, who can blame em. Goodness knows I was twice as goofy and annoying as those cuties when I was their age... or potentially I still might be. Alas. Gotta love Texas for unique traditions.

His & Hers, October Edition

Finding new ways to incorporate Bopants' everyday perspective onto the interwebs is still quite the science trial/error. Stumbled upon some neat His/Hers posts over at A Pair of Pears and adapted to a more wide look at our daily living. Our weekend was chalked full of homemade Mexican food, hours of television, an extra long date night with a new couple from church and a dreamy tea party with a dear friend. The past week was extra draining and challenging for each of us independently, so we throughly enjoyed the pause to rest and dwell with each other and good company.

John Butler. Ocean - Monday Morning Motivation

This guitar mastermind rocks out the entire 12 minute video on a 12 string guitar. Pure genius. Watching this video just makes me want to grab my guitar, Bentley, and whip out some beautiful cords. Unfortunately, talent of this measure takes years of practice and dedication rather than my impulsive frustration.

September Snail Mail Collective

The lovely minds behind Lost in Travels and The Nectar Collective came up with the brilliant blogger link-up of the Snail Mail Collective!! At the beginning of each month, you can sign up to be partnered with an international or at least different geographical blogger. You each purchase little goodies for under $5 that pair with that month's theme. Then exchange and enjoy your new international friend and snail mail delights! Can we talk about how awesome this is?!?! Meeting new bloggers and getting cool, but inexpensive presents in the mail every month. Too stinkin beautiful for words my dear friends. There is still time to sign up for October, so GO SIGN UP!
 photo 1_zpscaf87bc1.jpg
Let me introduce you to my bombshell of a new pal, Laura from Wrapped Up In Rainbows! This British lady is just too cool for school - running an event entertainment music business, going on funky weekend trips, and sporting a VW Campervan with her sweet boyfriend. I loved our shared love for England and good food and seeing the world. She's one cool cat.
 photo 2_zps0090bd0c.jpg  photo 1b_zpsa0ba19a9.jpg
So thankful for her creative "Back to School" gifts including buttons, doodle journals, cassette labels, pencils, buttons and more. Just made my heart smile. Keeping in theme with guest letters, here are her words to the wise.
 photo Screenshot2013-10-07at91409PM_zpsfed6630a.png  photo 6_zpsabd7b50d.jpg Look at how precious the letters and wrapping are. All in the details. Loved this link up and can't wait to see what other adventurous people I'll be blessed to meet through this partnership.

Seven Day Snapshots

 photo 1_zps046c8650.jpg  photo 2_zpsaf715662.jpg  photo 4b19ec7a-0496-4183-b50b-2f4a4562328c_zps68f45b19.jpg  photo ea512440-330e-429b-9f71-83718c8de51b_zps377439de.jpg  photo 5_zpsb080b3a5.jpg  photo 84c4a65a-4492-4f51-8cc2-2453f4cd4575_zps10ce13f7.jpg  photo 2a0c7bc3-80c9-432f-900f-f20295d8ecb3_zpse27525ee.jpg  photo a80d9f27-d6ff-487c-802d-97f1af1a76e7_zpsa06b6b05.jpg  photo 816ae145-565b-41da-adb8-5aa1edcdf05b_zps1d65d924.jpg  photo 0906f06d-2ed7-4734-9437-e6513c898062_zpsa08bf668.jpg
Can we just pause for a moment and talk about how it's ALREADY OCTOBER!?!?! Come again. Thankfully, fall bundles majority of my favorite things. Most of which are in the food category.
-Taking morning strolls with one of my dear friends, Raven, chatting about life and Christ and the picturesque sunrises have been a highlight this week.
-Jude dropped this bomb of truth on me, thought I'd share.
-I've taken a couple trips to the dentist, having one of my old old babysitters hang out with my pearly whites which was just a cool reminder of how funny life can be in reconnecting people.
-Starbucks made a decent, but not nearly as heavenly, version of my favorite Mugwalls Pumpkin Vanilla Chai. Lolz at how they spelt, or rather, mis-spelt my name.
-THE FAIR CAME TO TOWN. I have a narrative of feelings toward the local relatively sketchy fair. Being totally broke and newlywed rules out paying 20 bucks for just parking and entry so I figured my fried food days were over. But alas!! The Lord provided. During the lunch hour, our fair has free parking and entry, so you can spend all your hard earned cash on a heart-attack on a stick or a heart-attack deep fried or a heart-attack covered in butter. So much variety and flexibilty. Marketing at its finest. Anywho, so sissykins and I went and enjoyed street Mexican corn, a PUMPKIN SPICE CINNAMON funnel cake. I mean, does life get any better. Bopants went the next day and ate a footlong corn dog and fried cheese.
-We made homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream this weekend for my friend Maddie, so I put my chocolate chopping skills to good use. Can't wait to use our wedding gift more and more often!
-Thought I'd wrap up this post with an ever charming side-by-side shot of attractive husband/wife selfies. We are quite the cuties in these glamour shots.