A Word from Mr. Bopants

Tests, coffee, friendly faces, early mornings (which means more coffee), cold weather, and tea: these are all things that have filled my schedule these last few weeks. I feel like we were just in the cardigan weather of London last week; now we are fully underway through this fall season. Every morning, I find myself having about 5 or 6 minutes in the midst of my morning to-do’s realizing the freight train of life. Its crazy how fast it can go. Even still, Annie and I are really pumped for the things that the Lord has for us in the next 12 months. Man- so much can happen. I have to remind myself, however, where we have come from these last 12 months. This time last year we had just gone to Austin City Limits (a.k.a. ACL), and I was starting to plan out the details of a proposal. Many sleepless nights and racing thoughts of excitement and anticipation filled me. Now, we are kept up at night by the thoughts of graduation, moving across the country, and a swirl of other things.

You have to ask yourself: “what keeps me up at night, and is it worth it?” So often I find myself stressing about things that aren’t worth the 20 minutes out of the 42,048,000 minutes that we are allotted in this life. Is it worth it? Your reasons don’t have to be the social-injustices that face our generation; they just have to be worth it- to you. Which brings me to my next thought: learning who is worth it. D’Ann and I have T-minus 7 months until we could be gone. We could be 2,000 miles away, in-fact. I have to know who is worth it. Don’t misunderstand me; I don’t mean that I am some superior person that people have to deserve 5 minutes with. But in the scheme of life, look back. Who do you keep in touch with? Do you wish that you had kept up with people that were truly special to you? You can choose one of two paths: knowing a lot of people who you sort of know, or knowing a few people really fully and deeply. Either you’ll have a lot of people who think “yeah- I had lunch with that guy once” or you’ll have a few who say: “man, he has a full heart, and I know that to be true”.
A lot of the time, it is not imperative that we know the answer to the above questions, but it is essential that we ask.

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