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As promised in this delightful post, one of my most favoritest people in the entire world is teaming up with us for "Cross Country Correspondence." Madi Mae and myself shall be exchanging tidbits of daily life tales over the interwebs embarking on a new creative endeavor. She's my fort-mate, fellow late-night snacker and long-distance best friend. Welcome Madi Mae!

Dearest D’Ann AKA Dibbles AKA Dribbles (because we all know you had mad hoop skillz back in the day),

I don’t even know where to begin with this whole letter thing. It has been quite sometime since I’ve written one. So, here we go- we shall just cover the highlights:

1.) Holy Guacamole Batman! It’s almost November. This might seem inconsequential, I know. But it really is not. The fact that it is already well into fall (whether the Texas weather agrees or not is another story), and I have seven weeks left of my second to last semester of college and that many less weeks to enjoy all the pumpkin/peppermint flavored goodness!? What. I just can’t.

2.) I miss you tremendously. This shouldn’t even be a bullet point because, well, you know this. Here we are nonetheless. It hit me the other day that this time last year, we were still roomies living life up in The Fort, **See what I mean by fort-mate. Best university bedroom ever!**  photo 358d96bf-166f-42ca-9ba2-ab10c805e68f_zps5a3c4300.jpg “Hello Madi. Of course this was a thing.” However, when you think about how much has changed since then, I am astounded. If 2013 had a catch phrase/slogan/tag line, it would probably be “2013: Comin’ attchoo like a freight train, carrying cargo full of opportunity eggs (because that’s a thing) ready to hatch change all over yo’ life!” …maybe we’ll save the marketing for you.
But in all seriousness. Yes. You went off, graduated college, got married, got a real job, traveled Europe, moved into your own home (you live with a boy now. HOW WEIRD) and the year is not even over yet.
I got way more addicted to slam poetry than I ever thought possible, competed in two major slam poetry competitions, pushed back graduation about 4 million times and then moved it forward an additional 4 million times, and help start A&M’s literary magazine.

This time last year, none of these things were even on the horizon, remotely (well, minus graduation for you. I guess we all knew that was coming. And I guess marriage too.)

3.) Nothing’s changed. Madi is still strolling down nostalgia lane being her emotional self, as per usual…and referring to herself in third person. Cool.

4.) I went to a formal animal themed party and made some sick ram horns. I was quiet proud of my production. The entire night, I felt like I was in Wonderland. It was all things lovely. Also- that dress is my grandma’s! Straight up, a legitimate flapper dress. I’m in love. 
 photo da2689a8-2b3c-4040-ab51-4cf9d588d06a_zpsb8b41206.jpg
I guess I will bid you adieu. Till next time love-nut-bottom-cupcake-baby-monkey-pants!
Miss Madi Mae

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