His&Hers, Morning Brew

 photo coffeehisher_zps02262f17.jpg The other morning, I chuckled noting the comparison in Bopants & my hot morning beverage preferences. My sweet tooth gets me every time, tipping my creamer more than the average sipper. Side note: on my last grocery run I couldn't resist the pumpkin pie and eggnog creamers. No regrets in that decision. Sweet and scrumptious. For today's His&Hers, I present to you our morning brews in our favorite bicycle mugs.  photo coffee2_zps50a208e3.jpg
Another side note: Twilight is playing on tv as I type this up. Lolz at Jacob's long locks. Let's all thank the heavens that this cast grew out of this unbearably awkward phase from movie one.. at least a lil bit..

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