September Snail Mail Collective

The lovely minds behind Lost in Travels and The Nectar Collective came up with the brilliant blogger link-up of the Snail Mail Collective!! At the beginning of each month, you can sign up to be partnered with an international or at least different geographical blogger. You each purchase little goodies for under $5 that pair with that month's theme. Then exchange and enjoy your new international friend and snail mail delights! Can we talk about how awesome this is?!?! Meeting new bloggers and getting cool, but inexpensive presents in the mail every month. Too stinkin beautiful for words my dear friends. There is still time to sign up for October, so GO SIGN UP!
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Let me introduce you to my bombshell of a new pal, Laura from Wrapped Up In Rainbows! This British lady is just too cool for school - running an event entertainment music business, going on funky weekend trips, and sporting a VW Campervan with her sweet boyfriend. I loved our shared love for England and good food and seeing the world. She's one cool cat.
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So thankful for her creative "Back to School" gifts including buttons, doodle journals, cassette labels, pencils, buttons and more. Just made my heart smile. Keeping in theme with guest letters, here are her words to the wise.
 photo Screenshot2013-10-07at91409PM_zpsfed6630a.png  photo 6_zpsabd7b50d.jpg Look at how precious the letters and wrapping are. All in the details. Loved this link up and can't wait to see what other adventurous people I'll be blessed to meet through this partnership.

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  1. Yay! Lovely post, thanks D'Ann. I've just posted mine too if you want to take a peek :)


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