Seven Day Snapshots

 photo 2_zpscaf44123.jpg  photo 4_zps1cf99579.jpg  photo 5_zps45883ef0.jpg  photo 3_zpsb0274456.jpg  photo 1_zps43e064ac.jpg  photo 6_zps0dbba9b6.jpg Thankfully for everyone, the past week has been happily dominated with cool weather and warm eats. We busted out our Kerby Lane Pumpkin Pancake mix from Austin, Texas and enjoyed playing with our food a bit too much. Saturday was national Make A Difference Day, so we planted with about 20 volunteers in the crisp morning breeze. Papa Bear and Sissykins kicked running bootie in the Palo Duro trail run. Afterwards, Sissykins and I wasted the afternoon with errands and watching The Internship - hands down my favorite comedy cinema of the year. I carved pumpkins alongside some lovely international families, my dear friends Maddie and Raven. We were feeling with owl painted pumpkin theme, while Maddie totally blew us all away with this almost Tangled inspired flower!

Not pictured: early morning bagel/coffee dates with new eLife friends have been some of the best communal soul food I've had in a while. My newer friend, Emily, has just been such a source of inspiration and challenges me constantly with her internet article facts. Madi Mae & I got to talk each other's ears off for over an hour Monday morning and I once again was reminded of how much I am thankful for that booger. After getting a couple weeks behind in watching "The Voice, Maddie and myself have lounged for over 7 hours in front of the tube trying to catchup. She's a trooper.

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