Tis the Season of Lists

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In an attempt to initiate commitment and follow through in everyday life, we (confession: for the first time everrrr) are writing out monthly goals and holding ourselves accountable to knocking these bad boys out in a reasonable about of time. Making goals and lists was one of those "habits of highly effective individuals" that I strategically tuned out so that I could get caught up on the latest high school drama back in the day. Figured, now that I've matured.. or something.. it's probably high time for goal oriented thinking. Should be an interesting social experiment.

My October Goals:
-make seasonal homemade cocktails
-try a new local restaurant
-send a handwritten letter to a new friend each week
-read one book for fun each week
-invest in a couples massage
-visit friends in at minimum one Texas city
-comment on 7 other stranger's blogs

Bopants' October Goals:
-improve grilling skills
-sport for fall-ish clothes
-study for CFA exam consistently
-cycling workout once a week
-eat pumpkin scones
-start Christmas countdown
(he's a bit more thoughtful, so his list is more a work in progress)

Welp, here's to list making! Do you have any list making tips or success stories?


  1. Great list! I've always been a list person but this year I haven't gotten around to it. I basically have one major thing, and that is to go to a pumpkin patch. Oh, and this year, I plan to NOT have my horse bite me in the face right before thanksgiving dinner. That was a bummer!

    1. Well thanks! So far, it's already whipping my butt into shape with following through on the million ideas that swim around in my mind. Score for the pumpkin patch!! Also, avoiding horse bites before stuffing full of Thanksgiving yumminess is a solid aspiration I must say.
      Also, let's just talk about how you totally rock out that straight across bang look. Kudos!

  2. Love your list! I can help you with the blog commenting one! I'm doing a 30 day marriage challenge on the blog this month, come by and comment to win a book on marriage!


    1. What a great challenge for the marital interwebs! I'll definitely have to pop over. Thanks for your sweet words and list help :]


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