Guest Letters from Young Wives

Let me intro this post by saying that getting married right out or still in college is not for everyone. Nor is it a standard others need to hold themselves too. 93% of Bopants and my friends are single. Many of whom are in their upper 20s. One of my fall goals was to have more collaboration posts with guest writers. My first one was a hoot. My favorite part is seeing how people answer the same thing completely uniquely. Today, I have asked some fellow young wives to write a letter to themselves, their husband or just share thoughts on marriage. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Meet guest writer and lovely wife #1: Kelsey and Nate remind me of cocoa and whipped cream. Sweet, warm and forever displaying this endearing "come stay a while and chat with us while our husky roams the room"demeanor.

   photo Screenshot2013-11-18at101321PM_zps68400b01.png  photo Screenshot2013-11-18at101330PM_zps02dc3df4.png  photo 2715bcc3-16a3-4b24-a35b-ff72c2fa3453_zps8c769e08.jpg
Our next guest, and conveniently also a Kelsey, has been a friend since high school. Let me be the first to say that sophomore Kelsey & D'Ann were a jumble of hot mess.. or at least I know I was. I love when Jesus reconnects people from your past after radically redeeming you both. She's neato and John Michael is cute as a button, too.
 photo Screenshot2013-11-18at101847PM_zpsa97d0c19.png  photo 78130edb-2f42-4813-9abe-1bf21eaedff8_zps3c3534c4.jpg
Julie is that cooler friend's older sister I've known and loved forever! She's the perfect mix of classy, goofy, international, genius & expert snow cone maker. Archie found himself a steal. Thankful for these two & their love for each other & Christ.  photo Screenshot2013-11-18at102702PM_zps6929aba8.png  photo 571cbcf6-bf7d-4640-a2f9-6c3291f3288a_zpsc7cf0ccb.jpg Lastly, Jordan served as my senior high school girl's D-NOW leader while Matt co-served as the dude's leader. I remember bugging her during one of our 2am "should be discussing Jesus but instead are squeaking about boys" chats about if she and Matt ever did or would date. He was one of my best friend's older brothers and I was bound to put them together. Turns out Jesus beat me to the punch, marrying these two cuties.  photo Screenshot2013-11-18at102920PM_zpsbb732704.png photo a5919bae-7fe2-4b56-a91b-2d56964039b7_zps68f4fce4.jpg

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