Pressing the Pause Button

In the course of the past few weeks, I've realized the creeping loom of stress and tension seeping into pockets of my everyday life. When time breezes by so fast you almost miss the rustling of each hour passing, I notice my body tends to take on heaps of unnecessary over thinking/worry/control/etc.. This month has been marked by that feeling. I'd like to blame it on the time change or big events at work or future planning. But tonight I found my back knotted with pain and mind wandering down ridiculous roads and finally. I.  just . p a u s e d. Let myself breathe and stop and listen.

November is one of those annoying social media months when I literally want to punch every person for posting about thankful blessings after about day 4. Today, I ranted to my new coworker (who is a rockstar and a blissful office mate, might I add) about how I might just boycott the internet all month to avoid all the gushy statuses. Yet now, I am awakened to the reality that I haven't focused on gratification in my own life in quite some time. So here I am. Swallowing my pride and joining the bandwagon. I am in DESPERATE need for an attitude refresher, re-adjusting the focus of my eyes from problems to gratefulness. So apologies in advance if you are already over the thankful trend. But, from one tongue biter to another, maybe just do a quick heart check and see if you might be rejecting all the joy in preference of wallowing in negativity.  photo thankful_zps799fbc98.jpg
What are you thankful for?

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