Weekly Wishes: November Goals, October Review

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In the season of trying out new things, I am mashing up our monthly goals inspiration from last month with the wonderful Weekly Wishes link-up hosted by The Nectar Collective.
 photo 1aa_zpsea5567af.jpg Surprisingly, we actually completed 80% of our October goals. Assuming that last month was the first time Bopants and I sat down to goal plan, I'm shocked we stuck to our "wishes" so successfully. I never got around to creating homemade cocktails, but I did locate pumpkin cider, raspberry cider and blueberry beer in our city - so that's a definite successful alternative!!

One of my goals last month was to read a book per week. Along with these 4 reads, I re-read both the Twilight and Hunger Games series.. so I suppose that's one area I over excelled. Below are my reviews of the new reads.

Weekly book read reviews:
1. Love Wins by Rob Bell - Controversial author in the Christian sector, I re-read this gem and truly enjoyed the art of asking intentional questions. Challenging observations on foundations of faith and current teachings.
Favorite Quote: “Love demands freedom. It always has, and it always will. We are free to resist, reject, and rebel against God's ways for us. We can have all the hell we want.”

2. The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe by Mary Simes - Overall summary follows the adventure of a high-powered Manhattan attorney who discovers love, purpose and joys of a simpler life. All in all, decent predicable read that reminded me of Sweet Home Alabama.

3. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer - The second staple in the Lunar Chronicles series, the creative adaption of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf just won my heart once again. The whole series and smaller half books have been a pleasant reading surprise.
Favorite Quote: "I think I realized that I would rather die because I betrayed them, than live because I betrayed you."

4. The Why of Things by Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop - Following a family's journey of moving on with life after the tragic suicide of 17-year-old Sophie, Winthrop invests the reader in each family member's grieving through various narrative shifts. My only complaint was that there wasn't much wrap-up conclusion, which could easily be her statement on life in general.

 photo 1ab_zpsa019bd49.jpg Annie's November list:
-work on resume update design
-purchase at least 5 Christmas gifts for others
-pre-plan blog posts
-mail surprise gift cards to at least 3 friends
-make a new friend

Bopants' November list:
-purchase Christmas tree
-finishing hanging up house decorations
-eat pumpkin cookies (are we seeing a pattern here from last month?)
-invest in cardigan wardrobe

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