10 Things You Might Not Know About Us

This was one of those weeks that blew by and I woke up this morning realizing I neglected this poor blog and have left it bare since Monday. I figured to shake things up, Bopants and I could share 5 things you might not know about us.

Ladies first.
1. My sister and I, who have been close friends and fellow trouble makers since the beginning of time, used to pester Momma & Papa Bear all the stinkin time about how we would not be complete until they adopted us a baby brother from Mexico. I have literally no idea what made us decide that was the key to family completion, but for years we would cry and yell and ask Santa for a lil Mexican baby brother.

2. Having a snow bengal cat is my DREAM. These kittens are hypoallergenic & unfortunately cost thousands of dollars. Why does money have to trample my future happiness with this priceless cutie.  I mean does life get any better than >> that little nugget of joy?!? *so note: if you want to be my new favorite human, this would be the perfect present

3. In my high school glory nightmare days, I was a cool kid mathlete and my nickname throughout school was Dibble.  To this day, I can walk into grocery stores or restaurants and have someone call "Hey Dibble!" Funny how those random things from way back when stick.
*note: our team memorized this hilarious/somewhat vulgar Mean Girls rap and would chant it down the halls in competition. Lolz.

4. This past weekend I might have binge watched hours of Catfish: The TV Show & I Killed My BFF.. Needless to say, most the week I have been paranoid about everyone online and all my friends.

5. My all time favorite TV show and character combo is Gilmore Girls. Such a brilliant cast, humor and set. I own all the seasons and have most the shows memorized. Over Thanksgiving, I watched just about every snow/Thanksgiving episode. My favorite of those is when Lorelei and Rory have to scarf down 6 Thanksgiving meals. Those girl's appetites are my inspiration.
 photo 62024db0-e53a-4adb-8e14-d8ebb2ecbd99_zpsab04ed47.jpg
All of those still in favor of Jess & Rory, please say aye!

Now for Mr. Bopants:
1. I used to be the drummer in a hardcore screamo band.  True life.  photo drum_zpsa532abd3.jpg 2. Fueling my love of the north and cold weather, I have been skiing on just about every mountain in Colorado.

3. I like to consider myself a French enthusiast. This summer my knowledge was challenged in France with some major successes and failures.

4. Pretty commonly, I am mistaken for Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) from the Hunger Games. One day, Annie & I will make a killer HG couple costume.  photo b27fe355-b64e-466d-ae13-56277e8a2b80_zpsd8a068b0.jpg 5. Lastly, I like to think I am on the verge of being famous via a viral YouTube video.

That's all folks! Thanks and gig 'em. What are some fun facts about you?

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