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Can we just finally live in the same city already, Miss Madi Mae?!?
 photo 4a_zpse52a34f8.jpg Seeing you last weekend was just the bee's knees and one would think that being reunited for even a mere 9 hours would satisfy my daily missing Madison craving, but alas.. the exact opposite has occurred. I am more frustrated than ever that I can't share the everyday stupid thoughts or hilarious jokes or newest restaurant finds with you. *blahblahblah enter more frustrated immature ramblings here for full authentic effect*  photo a83e5b27-281e-4592-ab7b-803f209bfffd_zps8d27a086.jpg Let's also just thank the sky gods for aligning my road trip weather with pure perfection when I was driving to good ol CStat to come see you. That rainy sky though. Blissfulness at it's finest. Side note: I'm obsessed with this band called Boy & Bear. This rabbit music video basically portrays your soul mate to a T. If I ever see them live, I'm hooking y'all up. I've managed to see 6 movies in the past 6 days. No shame in that, my friend. I could easily go see any of them again. There's just something addictive about watching theaters at the local cinema. It could be:
1. the endless supply of popcorn
2. plush seats that just lure you to sit down for all eternity
3. creative plots and impressive characterization
4. my utter laziness
5. a dandy lil escape from reality to Disney realms, London, Germany & the Capitol
6. all of the above
Which reminds me, CATCH UP ON ONCE UPON A TIME so we can chat about what's going on. I'm in serious need of relishing out that story line with someone equally as invested and outraged.
 photo 2a_zpsf75f07f3.jpg Remember that one time (7 days ago) that I accidentally parked illegally outside Mugwalls due to my incoherent sleepy state?? I feel more rebellious that the College Station cops missed out on such a prime ticketing opportunity. Those fellows always seem to catch me at my weakest. Not. this. time. photo 1a_zpsaefe8198.jpg In summary, I realize I have been all over the place in the post and don't apologize in the slightest. Tis the reason we are such a pair. Miss you to the moon and back in a pumpkin chai serving, Hunger Games re-watching, fuego queso rocketship!

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