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Here's another collaborative antidote from Miss Madison Mae aka one of my bestest friends in this entire universe (Dr. Who included). To see our previous letters to each other, click here. Since we are currently, and quite brokenheartedly, separated by this huge state of Texas we started online memoirs of daily lifeage to one another. I love this lil peanut!

D- A dear,
A female D’Ann.
Wellsssssssssss- a drop of Bo’s family!
(Obviously I have been feeling inspired by the remake of The Sound of Music. Not really though- I didn’t even watch it.)

Sorry this letter has been delayed in reaching your little (e) mailbox. Between finals, moving for the third time in six months, and printing The Eckleburg Project, November just upped and walked away from me. And by “upped and walked,” I really mean hop, skipped, danced, twerked, jump roped, and sprinted out of sight.

My new room is mostly done, so I will save that little goodie as a surprise once it is completely finished. WHOOP! Mean time- I will show you what my blood, sweat, and tears (mostly tears) has gone to for the past six months: BEHOLD EDITION 2, ISSUE 1 OF THE MAGAZINE!
 photo 480507f6-c3bf-4aaa-8a1d-13551e831ff8_zps0657b525.png

Naturally, we’ve already started preparing for Edition 2, Issue 2. That should be printed in April sometime. Whoop-a-whoop-dee-whoopidy-whoop! We also have a new Managing Editor (aka, my right hand (wo)man). Meet Gabi! In all her cute glory.

Not too much else has been going on over in little Bryan/College Station. I have been loving this true winter that Texas was getting there for a while and was able to bundle up nice and warm and embrace true winter. 

See? Embracing true winter in my very cold, but happy state. Aleenah and I, as well as a few others from Mic Check Poetry had the lovely opportunity to help lead poetry workshops at Brazos Juvenile Justice Center this semester. In the frigid photo above, we were at a showcase where the youths from our program got to come out and read their work out loud! It was really amazing and inspiring to see these young folks get out their express themselves. Our main philosophy of the whole workshop is “I have a voice, and my voice is important.” Awesome to see those kids embracing that, without a doubt. Here is the rest of gang from the Art for Life program!

Now that Christmas break is in session and TEP stuff will be slowing down soon, I am planning on embracing all the movies, books, and writing all the things. I have already watched Anastsia, Garden State, and Donnie Darko. All solid choices let me tell you. photo 0b606e07-f218-46b3-96c3-78c703a493da_zpsb552e14f.png Garden State is one of my favorite movies, as you are well aware of, so I thought I would just show you one of my favorite scenes. I I love this scene, not because I fully agree with it, but because I think everyone can relate to it in some degree or another. I have been thinking a lot about this concept of home and comfort, about how home isn’t a building, but people. It’s oddly comforting, yet disjointing, to realize my idea of home as a child was spot on, but also so wrong all at once. Okay- off my morning analytical rant that probably makes little to no sense (Madi has yet to have her morning dose of caffeine).

I’ll end on this note now (get it?!? NOTE! Music?!)- I’ve been listening to a lot of Irish folk music thanks to my friend, Bill. Here is one my favorites. I hope you enjoy it! I love you little D’Ann riding on a Segway to the moon (pie) and back, hoarding loads of pumpkin and other holiday goodies.

Till next time,
Madi Mae

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