December Goals & Wishes

 photo dec_zps97a0e5bb.jpgOne of our newer life habits has been attempting to goal set each month. As you can tell, we are running a little bit behind this December due to finals and work and Christmas parties and that never ending shopping list. Better late than never; my new motto. See our past month goal lists here!

Last month, I completed almost all my list. One of the most rewarding check offs was making a new friend. My new amiga, Katie, is seriously one of the coolest jelly beans in the bag. We hit it off immediately! I can tell that we are going to be trouble makers for life.
 photo 1ab_zpsa019bd49.jpg Annie's December Goals/Weekly Wishes
-join the Downton Abbey bandwagon and binge watch all seasons
-visit College Station to scarf down all my favorite seasonal eats
-phone call 3 friends
-bike on our stationary bike at least 3 times a week

Bopant's December Goals/Weekly Wishes
-catch up on leisure reading
-bake something yummy
-go look at Christmas lights
-complete our 12 Dates of Christmas tradition
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