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Okay, okay, okay.

Long time, no letter. (see what I did there?)

But boy, do we have a show for you (cue “Veggie Tales’ Theme Song”).

As you are well aware, little D’Ann, I made a lovely adventure all the way up to coffee capitol of the US of A (Okay, I don’t know if it is legitimately the coffee capitol of America, but we can roll with it): SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. However, I am going to be a tease and save that adventure for my next letter (sorry. Waiting for photos to develop and need to add those to the letter. Duh.).

Don’t get your little undies in a bunch, though. I still have plenty of excited things in store to tell you.

First and foremost, let’s get the important stuff out of the way:

The most humbling video you might ever watch on the world wide web. That tiny tot has more talent in his little claws/paws than I have in my whole adult-opposable-thumb body. Humility, man.

Oh, but the cuteness continues.

The Internet: Constantly reminding us that we will never be this cute nor cuddly, all at once.

Speaking of the animal world- earlier this week, I stumbled upon this gold mine of a website:

Madi Mae

The Milk Carton Kids - Monday Morning Motivation

because some Mondays call for solid 12 minute male harmonies in the middle of what appears to be a basketball court meets racquetball.. court? Shows how much I know about sports. The Milk Carton Kids have been one of my happy new obsessions. Hope they float your fancy as well.

then comes the baby in a baby carriage, first trimester tales

 photo preggoFNAL_zps9abfc43b.jpg Trading in my cup of joe for decaf tea, as we become a family of three! Baby Wells is alive and cooking, making it's big debut in August 2014 :] We could not be more excited. To more accurately document our various trimester emotions, let me turn it over to these handy gifs.
 photo photo-3_zpsc1d4b5fa.gif  photo photo-2_zps164b56c6.gif  photo photo_zpsed57d0d6.gif  photo photo-1_zps687803d1.gif
When Bopants started interviewing in Dallas, Jesus started making it pretty clear that he might be opening doors to stay in Texas the next few years. Since this was completely opposite of our "move to the midwest and never look back" plan, we started weighing the pro's and con's. We prayed and chatted and dreamed and eventually knew the Dallas job was the clear right choice for us. This sped up that inevitable "sooo...when should we have kids convo" that every couple gets to have after a few years months of marriage. Since I struggled with a pretty heavy eating disorder in high school, I knew there were higher challenges of getting pregnant. We decided to just pray about it and at least stop trying to not have a baby. POOF. 48 hours later there was a lil bun in the oven.

Now that we are crossing over the first trimester threshold, the lil noodle is starting to become more and more real. This week we heard it's rapid heartbeat and saw baby hands and baby feet. Made all this morning all-day nausea so worth it. Thankfully, my tummy just churns like the pacific ocean most days alternating from ravenously starving to being turned off from pretty much any food. We haven't had too many actual barfing up like a madwoman days, so I can't complain too much. Other than craving embarrassing amounts of carbs and cheese, which let's be honest - isn't really all that out of the ordinary, I haven't had too many weird cravings. Growing a human is hard work. Let me tell you. Most weekends, I try to make these big plans like saving the world one puppy at a time putting on real clothes and cooking real food only to find myself sucked into the black hole of my couch hardly having the energy to react at appropriate times to NCIS re-runs. First trimester = exhaustion and starvation.

The utter joy of the past 3 months can not be explained in one blog post hugemongo novel. Some of my most treasured memories of this season have been sharing with our friends and family the news of upcoming grandparent/sister/aunt/honorary family member-hood, shopping for holiday onesies, buying nursery decorations, and forgiving my body after years of neglect. This post is wayyy longer than most and lacking in pictures. I haven't quite figured out how I want to feature all this dandy baby news on the blog, but I have decided to play it more safe. I'm sticking with my 2014 goal of being present over perfect. So full disclosure now: this blog will not be over run with baby/personal selfies because I am working on being in the moment more rather than behind a camera.
 photo bpprgo_zpsa3559e77.jpg
As mentioned above and before, since early elementary I have had some major love/hate battles with my body. I've debated leaving all this out because 1. it's awkward 2. everyone expects a super joyful "I'm a happy-dandy new mommy" post 3. it's just awkward. But I think back to reading Shauna's novels years ago and hearing her chronicle ultimate forgiveness of her body after multiple miscarriages and a later healthy childbirth. She opened my eyes to the honesty of embracing my full self, good and bad, and she was geniously correct. I am only 12 weeks in on this journey and I am astounded at how much mental healing has been restored as I watch my body grow and change and for the first time in..forever truly feel freedom. The fact that this body that I have over-exercised/starved/binged/hated/shrank/cried over a 15 year span now begins nursing and giving life to another human - it's basically a snapshot of the gospel. Just seeing how much I have changed in the past few months, I can't wait to see what God does with another 6. Anywho, siderant over.

We can't wait to find out if lil noodle is a She or a He. I just can't even fathom that we are 1/3 done. In approximately 6ish months, we will have a live/breathing/human/real baby in our arms... WHAAAAT?!? Welp, over and out.

Seven Day Snapshots

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Our past few weeks of the new years have been a jumble of cyclone busy and stop in our tracks restful. Both extremes are needed and appreciated. To hit some of the highlights:
-We have been indulging ourselves in a full fledged Harry Potter marathon extravaganza the past few days. I married myself a twitter addict who has taken it upon himself to give the interwebs minute by minute status updates on a movie that has been around for over10 years. Winner winner chicken dinner.
-Bopants has recently discovered, one of my more recent obsessions, the Snapchat App. I have since received many picture daily updates ranging from laying on the couch to binge watching Law & Order: SVU (can we all just take a second to honor the now retired Captain Cragen), and to inform me that sometimes he looses our hedgehog, Alaska.
-My sweet sister-in-laws are the greatest! I always love getting updates from their Austin world. In only a couple of months we will be so much closer to them :]
-At my office, we re-arranged all our offices at the beginning of the year. I inherited a snazzy double screen monitor system which has sense been dubbed with some London love.
-One of my 2014 personal challenges was to cook more meals with all those swell kitchen wedding gifts we have lying around. This weekend we tried this yummy 8 can taco soup recipe and were beyond elated to have oodles of leftovers.

Not pictured:
-Can we all just raise the roof for lifelong friendships? These past few weeks have been filled to the brim with coffee dates and phone convos and snapchats and reunions with dear friends. I am always happily reminded of how great each one is and how thankful I am that they stick with crazies like Bopants & myself through the years.
-Downton Abbey has returned! Glory
-Mary Poppins movie night and chilling with our parentals is always such a double whoop worthy adventure. I am so thankful to currently be living in the same town as all 3 of our parents/in-laws!

Ewert and the Two Dragons. Sailor Man - Monday Morning Motivation

How can one go wrong with a band name of Ewert and the Two Dragons? These chaps are some genius jammers. Also, that park is utterly gorgeous.


 photo dear_zps186e0e4c.jpg Dearest Momma & Papa Bear- Snuggling on your couch, binge watching Mary Poppins & reliving our London adventures was the perfect mid week pick me up. Thanks for being awesome. Dear lovely artichokes - I saw your flirtatious self twice at the local groceries yesterday. Unfortunately for both of us, my wallet's willpower won out. Not to fear, I'll be coming back and cooking you soon! Mismatched Simplicity - Thanks for sticking by my crazy self over the past year. Watching you grow from <100 to thousands of readers in the past 6 months has been unreal. Oh my dear Harry Potter - You'll be proud to know that I ordered these extra snazzy Etsy prints for our cottage last week. Also, pardon my neglect of you in recent month. Pinkie promise to make it up to you this weekend with a movie marathon. Sprouts Grocery - Who knew the depths of joy in my soul.. and tummy.. could get from Spring fresh fruits. Your scrumptious blackberries made the most excellent partner to our cinnamon french toast this morning. Dear USA Network - I am in your debt thanks to the amount of couch/tv bonding I've been able relish in the past month due to ample NCIS/Law & Order: SVU marathons. Keep 'em coming.

Marques Toliver - Monday Morning Motivation

Que complete satisfaction. I see you plucking that violin like a guitar, with a voice of butter, while in a moving taxi cab. Hats off to you, Marques.

Another New Year. We meet again.

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Here we are, 10 days into 2014 and I finally have slowed down enough to take a breath and figure out our upcoming year resolutions/goals/happythoughts/ohwhatthehaychanges/fillintheblank. After cyber reading a plethora of other lovelies lists, I have been inspired and challenged and surprised. Just recently we have started making monthly goals and regardless of our long term success, I personally have benefitted boatloads from just taking time to think about who I want to be and how I plan to get there. So even though we are a bit late and that might be kicking off bad annual mojo, we decided to stretch ourselves this year and hold ourselves accountable to a couple changes.

Annie's list:
-Read at least one poem a week
-Be present over perfect, shout out to Shauna
-Cook more new recipes and try new fruits/veggies
-Write more handwritten notes
-Read a new book per month

Bopants list:
-Enjoy the local neighborhood park more consistently
-Make a healthy eating routine
-Play with Alaska the Hedgehog everyday
-See my parents more often
-Find time to read

My cyber challenge is that if you, like us, missed the boat on thinking about goals for the new year take a couple minutes to come up with your own list. Happy bleated new year!

His & Hers: January Edition

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His: want, need, listen, read
Hers: want, need, listen, read

This past month has been dreamily restful, which accounts for the theme of chillness. While Bopants feels the need to scoot off to Portland today, I just desperately need some delicious College Station Fuego nomnomness. Sometimes these is more realistically attainable than others. Oh welp. We are just dreaming big. Also, can we just swoon about that $300 Urban dreamcatcher.. Happy Tuesday folks!

Lord Huron. Man Who Lives Forever - Monday Morning Motivation

Today is a live sessions kind of morning, if you ask me. Lord Huron has one of the most unique vocals I've heard in quite some time. Also, kudos to the bro with the belly button length dreads.

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Top of 2014 to you Baby Madi!!

Please meet the newest member of the Wells crew, Miss Alaska :] She's still being a coy little hedgehog, but we have had some serious recent bonding including a toothbrush bath time. She's an Albino, so do excuse her somewhat creepy red eyes.  photo alaska_zps690227aa.jpgAin't she a looker. I also took the liberty of attaching these snazzy videos both you and I have enjoyed watching multiple times. Figured you could always use one more serenade of both. Booogie Booogie Hedgehog! Do note that I request that video be played at my funeral, as you slide down the aisle. I also ask that you perform a poem and interpretive dance that I can appreciate in my heavenly mansion.  Back to bath time. Alaska and Bopants bonded major through the experience, just check out those smiles post cleaning. Their first father/daughter photo together. That second snapshot of her model shot is just superb. Might be able to sell these for a goldmine some day when she's a famous youtube sensation. I can tell we are going to enjoy this new addition to our crew. Love you pookie. Come see me in Lubbock soon. Can't wait to hear all about your Seattle adventures! photo 1_zps213374b9.jpg
Shalom, DapostropheAnn