Another New Year. We meet again.

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Here we are, 10 days into 2014 and I finally have slowed down enough to take a breath and figure out our upcoming year resolutions/goals/happythoughts/ohwhatthehaychanges/fillintheblank. After cyber reading a plethora of other lovelies lists, I have been inspired and challenged and surprised. Just recently we have started making monthly goals and regardless of our long term success, I personally have benefitted boatloads from just taking time to think about who I want to be and how I plan to get there. So even though we are a bit late and that might be kicking off bad annual mojo, we decided to stretch ourselves this year and hold ourselves accountable to a couple changes.

Annie's list:
-Read at least one poem a week
-Be present over perfect, shout out to Shauna
-Cook more new recipes and try new fruits/veggies
-Write more handwritten notes
-Read a new book per month

Bopants list:
-Enjoy the local neighborhood park more consistently
-Make a healthy eating routine
-Play with Alaska the Hedgehog everyday
-See my parents more often
-Find time to read

My cyber challenge is that if you, like us, missed the boat on thinking about goals for the new year take a couple minutes to come up with your own list. Happy bleated new year!

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