photo dear_zps186e0e4c.jpg Dearest Momma & Papa Bear- Snuggling on your couch, binge watching Mary Poppins & reliving our London adventures was the perfect mid week pick me up. Thanks for being awesome. Dear lovely artichokes - I saw your flirtatious self twice at the local groceries yesterday. Unfortunately for both of us, my wallet's willpower won out. Not to fear, I'll be coming back and cooking you soon! Mismatched Simplicity - Thanks for sticking by my crazy self over the past year. Watching you grow from <100 to thousands of readers in the past 6 months has been unreal. Oh my dear Harry Potter - You'll be proud to know that I ordered these extra snazzy Etsy prints for our cottage last week. Also, pardon my neglect of you in recent month. Pinkie promise to make it up to you this weekend with a movie marathon. Sprouts Grocery - Who knew the depths of joy in my soul.. and tummy.. could get from Spring fresh fruits. Your scrumptious blackberries made the most excellent partner to our cinnamon french toast this morning. Dear USA Network - I am in your debt thanks to the amount of couch/tv bonding I've been able relish in the past month due to ample NCIS/Law & Order: SVU marathons. Keep 'em coming.

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