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Oh dearest Madi Mae,

It has been far too stinkin long since I have hammered out a solid post to you. I swear this whole pregnancy thing is to blame for all my blog procrastination/spaceyness. Let's just cross our fingers now that it doesn't spill over into motherhood. Remember that one time we meshed our faces into a baby website and literally the most attractive fetus was birthed?!? To refresh your memory, this was our face mashup>>

I've decided to make a list of why being pregnant is awesome. Sometimes it is super easy to only focus on how annoying fat/tired/sleepy I am, so I'm focusing on the cool cat reasons of growing a lil human in my belly.

1. Bopants has been so swell in letting me binge watch hours of tv and constantly getting me drink and snack every single day.

2. Each weekend, I consistently sleep 11 hours!!! That never happens. You know best that even in college, I was worthless when it came to attempting to sleep in. This baby might have learned some sleeping in ques from you.

3. Excuse to purchase new preggo worthy clothes! This is a double edged sword though, because every time I online shop I find clothes I want to buy that in reality won't fit again for 10 months.

4. Being on constant 24/7 baby awareness. I feel far less creepy scoping out strangers lil tots and documenting what brands of products they use or parenting methods they are demonstrating.

 photo madi5_zps322d0e77.jpg5.  Constant mac&cheese, breadbreadbread, ice cream cravings - and excuse to indluge full heartedly.

Just wanted to leave you with this star quality photo of us in our spirit animal form.  I love you to the moon and back in a fuego queso filled, Ben Gibbard singing live in person rocketship.Last and certainly not least:

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