photo dear_zps186e0e4c.jpg Dear Sonic Happy Hour, Thank you for getting me through the past couple of days with vanilla cream Dr. Pepper sugar rushes. One day when my baby is 385% ADD, I might have identified the original root. Dear Miles Teller, You are hands down my new Hollywood favorite. The Spectacular Now gave me faith in Shaliene Woodley's Divergent and Fault in Our Stars performances. You are utterly hilarious and I hope to see more of you on camera. Dear American Idol, 10 points to Gryffindor for casting Harry Connick Jr as a judge this season. Dynamite. Dear Husband/Bopants, Last weekend we binge watched Dr. Who while eating nothing but breakfast foods for 3 meals. Prime example of why we are going to rock as parentals. Dearest Noodle/Baby, We have both done our fair share of growing and expanding this week. Saw you on the monitor yesterday as you raised double high fives. Feel free to develop a morse code/telepathy language to help me understand what you are craving, because goodness knows my whole guessing game is the pits for all parties involved. We are beyond ready for you to come out and join us on planet earth!

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