Sleeping At Last. Emphasis - Monday Morning Motivation

"Death is a cold, blindfolded kiss. It is the finger pressed upon our lips. It puts an unwanted emphasis On how we should have lived." Sleeping At Last lyrics aka poetry are some of the best around. Love this mix of videography and music. Swoon.

Game of Thrones themed Dinner Shenanigans!

 photo din4_zpsf99631ad.jpg One of my favorite new friends in the world, Anna, hosted her senior project 4 course dinner at one of the loveliest locations in Lubbock. I've got to give the windy city some credit, because when you are in one of the tallest buildings in town you can literally see for miles and miles. Rather breathtaking. My parental bears joined us as we all stuffed our faces with rich "Game of Thrones" inspired dishes. Although none of us are current watchers of the show, if the food is any indication of the content than we are all avidly on board. If any of you know my family, then you are most likely embarrassingly aware that we are definitely "foodie" people. We have been known to plan full vacation destinations around one meal or restaurant. This was the perfect family sharing experience. Let me tell you, that lemon almond creme brulee just about knocked little Levi and me into a happy food coma. With every course the dishes got better and better. Needless to say, I think I might have missed my calling as a professional food critic. There is always to hope for tomorrow, I suppose. Or maybe I can vicariously live through Levi - influence him to be the next Bobby Flay. Or maybe not. Well without further ado: the real stars of the show.  photo din6_zpsaada3acf.jpg  photo din3_zpse90cc1a7.jpg  photo din2_zps4b2e7a11.jpg See what I mean?!? Just mouthwatering. Two whoops to Anna for her creative and delicious genius. We only managed to get one rather blurry, unimpressive photo of us humans. I might need to sort out my priorities.  photo din1_zpsb2f50b90.jpg

Wild Child. Pillow Talk - Monday Morning Motivation

Wild Child has stolen my soul with their laid back spirit and to die for vocals. Her voice is what I expect to hear come straight from Jesus's mouth at the pearly gates.

Seven Day Snapshots

 photo 2_zps9364e7a6.jpg  photo 3_zpsf2745e1f.jpg  photo 5_zpsf56df19b.jpg  photo 6_zps9057e7be.jpg  photo 4_zps0353a88f.jpg  photo 1_zps3681fce6.jpg  photo 7_zpsa5ed7753.jpg  photo 8_zps333ff52c.jpg
The past few weeks have been zipping by, full to the brim with family & friends & food & baby activity! I am happy to have the warmth of Spring upon us, minus the nasty Lubbock windy weather which are making my poor allergies put up the fight of the century. Receiving and buying cute baby boy goodies has been a total blast. I am so happy to know that our noodle is a moving little man :]
-If ever you find yourself hungry and roaming around in Lubbock, La Diosa Cellars is the bomb. This slice of coconut cake tasted to me like salvation. Seriously, it was heavenly.
-Bopants has been one studious little bean. You would think he would be soaking up his last Spring Break ever, but someone is a total finance dork and studied everyday for hours. Hopefully, Levi takes after Dad in academic responsibilities.
-My Papa Bear is the biggest goof there is. This weekend, my parentals took a trip with some friends to the mountains and he sent us many a snapshot of hilarious posed photos. I must admit, he fits in well with that statued clan.
-Our night routine is as follows. Couch. Foot rub. Tv marathon. Pizza/another shameless carb loaded meal. Bed early. Repeat. This week, we watched Sleepless in Seattle and fell in love for the 2038012 time with the Tom/Meg duo. Does anyone else feel cheated that Meg essentially disappeared from film for 20 years?!? Not cool.
-I mentioned my adoration for candles here and Peach Bellini has kicked off Springtime well.
-Experience Life launched a college service on Tuesday nights and recently had 800+ attend an on-campus gathering. How cool to see God shaking up Texas Tech campus!
-Last night, some of my favorite friends attended the opening night of Divergent, which was utterly wonderful. I am relatively obsessed with Shailene, Miles & Theo. Sigh. Loved spending the evening with these two and all the middle school girls in America. They gifted me these precious treats for Levi! Such sweeties.

and the winner is... LEVI!

 photo feb5000f-0d43-489f-bb62-53b5cd50fae9_zpsb382581f.jpg After many weeks of antagonizing peaceful waiting, we are stoked/excited/bursting at the seems supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to announce that a happy baby BOY is joining our clan!!  Levi Taylor Wells is looking healthy and rather dashing, if I do say so myself. Already mastered the art of wigglying around and thumb sucking in the womb. I'm still not 100% on what boys even do once they join us on planet earth, but we will figure it out along the way. Pretty much my knowledge of boys is: Dr. Who, dinosaurs, hockey, unending appetites, lots of energy, Ron/Harry/Hagrid, power rangers. Thankfully, I've got some time to do my research! Can't wait to meet this little man in person. Bring on the tiny cardigans and bow ties! In t-minus 20-ish weeks, we will be meeting our little peanut. We are halfway there! Can't even contain my excitement :]  photo Levi2_zpscccc0d38.jpg

Jinja Safari. Peter Pan - Monday Morning Motivation

The mountain. The fire. The stellar beat. Jinja Safari strikes again. Such a happy mid-March music video :] These guys deserve double dessert for their talent.

Is Noodle a Boy or Girl?

 photo tummygender_zps0c3819de.jpg In T-minus 5 days, we are finding out if Noodle Wells is a baby boy or girl! I am desperately past the point where I am ready to have an official pronoun for this growing baby. This past week we started baby registering, which ranks right up there with detention and hair pulling in my book. Technology is a fickle friend. Having thousands of reviews tearing to pieces every bit of child equipment on our registry went from helpful to a nightmare in about .879 seconds. Every blog and review and friend has a vastly different opinion of what is best/necessary/safe when it comes to baby purchases. On the plus side, we have some gender neutral themes set for our lil one including, but not limited to- Harry Potter, Dr. Who and Disney. So we should be set overall.

I figured it would be rather comical to mash up our faces into an online baby face morpher, like me and my roommate did here, but I couldn't find the site for the life of me. We did find these model shots of Bopants and I growing up as lil tinies, so we can count this as our foreshadowed insight into what a tiny Baby Wells might look like. So what is your guess:  photo babywells1_zps663d3d0c.jpg


 photo dear_zps186e0e4c.jpg Dearest Moulin Rouge, This weekend I was reminded how absolutely gorgeous and stunning you are in cinematic format. Raised some concern for middle school D'Ann for dubbing this a favorite film, but what can I say - I had good taste young regardless of the rather scandalous content. Dear baby registery, I have met my match. The fun days of cute baby onesies are gone and replaced with lengthly lists and conflicting reviews. I accept this challenge. Ever lovely Jazz Louisiana Restaurant, Our long time relationship has been rekindled thanks to lil noodle's cravings. Not mad about it. Two whoops for your Shrimp Czarina! Dear Bath & Body Works, Your three-wick candles are utterly addicting. Popped open a Peach Bellini yesterday and have once again justified my candle purchasing frenzy. Lastly Little Noodle/Baby Wells, You have crossed the nausea threshold and momma couldn't be more proud! My impatience is taking over and I am ready for you to be out in the world, toddling around and chatting with us. Granted we have a couple months years till that, but nevertheless I am ready! Can't wait to find out your gender in t-minus 7 days!!

Gregory Alan Isakov. The Moon Song - Monday Morning Motivation

Throw a harmonica in with a library acoustic Gregory Alan Isakov song and I am one happy camper. Thanks and gig 'em.

His & Hers: March Edition

 photo march_zps39cac2ae.jpg His: want, need, listenread
Hers: want, need, listenread

I suppose my food dominated side gives you a glimpse into the current desires/wants life. This baby growing in my belly is quite the hunger bug. Unfortunately, veggies and fruits are never at the top of my cravings so we are always finding sneaky ways to trick my body into eating nutrients. Bopants has fallen in love with a friend's borrowed amp and is determined to have a beach vacation.. in the middle of the semester, in the middle of Texas, with a pregnant wife. That one's a dreamer! Hope you are off to a delightful kick start to your week :]

The Honey Trees. To Be With You - Monday Morning Motivation

Rebekah Philip is no contest my voice and hair crush. The harmonies these two create off the cuff is downright brilliant. To Be With You is one of my favorite songs and this stripped down version literally gives me goosebumps.

Finance, baby! - A Post from Husband

 photo 18weekupdate_zps50737f5f.jpg
        I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what my next 5 months will look like. It’s absolutely insane to consider graduating, moving to Dallas, taking the CFA Level I exam, turning 21, starting work, and having a baby- all in 5 months. None of these things individually are things to stress about; however, whenever you lump them all in succession, even the best of us have to get a little stressed. It has been about 5 weeks since D’Ann and I told everyone that we are having a baby, and it’s been 15 weeks since we discovered ourselves. With every week, I absolutely cannot wait for the next. I have this pregnancy app on my phone (no, I’m not lying), and each week it gives you exciting little updates. One week, you discover your baby is as a big as an avocado, the next week an apple. I love that. In fact, my mother-in-law usually asks a week in advance, “What’s next week? What food item is noodle next?” I totally understand though; I can’t wait either! This thinking process suggests these 9 months can’t go fast enough.
        I’ve recently had coffee with a good friend of mine, Dustin, who has a 4-month old. He said, “Man, I’m gonna sound old, but these months have seriously gone by so fast.” It made me think twice about this anticipation stage that I’m in. I think my motivation for “fast-forwarding” is simply to get through the hard part. Certain parts of my life I wish I could fast forward, and other parts I would love to put in slow motion. I don’t think we get to choose both options. Some people lead intensely fast lives, and others slower- there isn’t much go-between. With that being said, if you have something that is greatly anticipated coming up in your life, you’re probably going to have to do a lot to get there. If anything, you’re going to have to wait. I would argue that patience is “payment” enough.
       In finance, you’re taught that if you don’t know anything else, you have to understand the relationship between risk and return. If you are offered a “sweet deal” in investments, you’re going to pay for it somewhere else. For example, if you have the opportunity to flip houses, you might observe that you will obviously earn a higher return than a savings account at your local bank. So go for it, right? The answer depends. You have to account for the increased risk in flipping houses, and you should be compensated accordingly. There is a positive relationship between risk and return: the more return, the more risk (and the inverse is true).
       Now, back to babies. I am so absolutely amped for this great joy that God has blessed us with. Just 5 more months and I will get to hold my daughter/son! You could say that there is a huge reward coming. However, with my knowledge of finance, there’s gotta be some risk in the deal as well. Of course there is; everyone knows that getting pregnant is a risky thing. There can be health problems, miscarriages, insurance mishaps, and even the work in preparation. That, ultimately, is what I’ve been learning. It’s in the waiting; it’s in the risk that God really shows himself in. Whenever we are flying through time like a torpedo, it’s hard to see what’s around. Slow down and look at your surroundings. The real risk lies in missing it. Missing the anticipation stage. Many Jews missed it two thousand years ago. They might have been flying through time, trying to get to the end. Whenever Jesus came, they laughed at him- they missed it! God intentionally put them in an anticipation stage. It’s easy for us to look back on that story, (which, by the way, is our story), and see how clear it all was. I just hope we can soak it in, if just for this season. I hope I can not only “get through” these 5 months, but that I would grow during this time as well. Soon enough, I’ll definitely give this blog an update on how it’s all going. In the meantime: happy waiting!

Cheers, Bopants