photo dear_zps186e0e4c.jpg Dearest Moulin Rouge, This weekend I was reminded how absolutely gorgeous and stunning you are in cinematic format. Raised some concern for middle school D'Ann for dubbing this a favorite film, but what can I say - I had good taste young regardless of the rather scandalous content. Dear baby registery, I have met my match. The fun days of cute baby onesies are gone and replaced with lengthly lists and conflicting reviews. I accept this challenge. Ever lovely Jazz Louisiana Restaurant, Our long time relationship has been rekindled thanks to lil noodle's cravings. Not mad about it. Two whoops for your Shrimp Czarina! Dear Bath & Body Works, Your three-wick candles are utterly addicting. Popped open a Peach Bellini yesterday and have once again justified my candle purchasing frenzy. Lastly Little Noodle/Baby Wells, You have crossed the nausea threshold and momma couldn't be more proud! My impatience is taking over and I am ready for you to be out in the world, toddling around and chatting with us. Granted we have a couple months years till that, but nevertheless I am ready! Can't wait to find out your gender in t-minus 7 days!!

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