Game of Thrones themed Dinner Shenanigans!

 photo din4_zpsf99631ad.jpg One of my favorite new friends in the world, Anna, hosted her senior project 4 course dinner at one of the loveliest locations in Lubbock. I've got to give the windy city some credit, because when you are in one of the tallest buildings in town you can literally see for miles and miles. Rather breathtaking. My parental bears joined us as we all stuffed our faces with rich "Game of Thrones" inspired dishes. Although none of us are current watchers of the show, if the food is any indication of the content than we are all avidly on board. If any of you know my family, then you are most likely embarrassingly aware that we are definitely "foodie" people. We have been known to plan full vacation destinations around one meal or restaurant. This was the perfect family sharing experience. Let me tell you, that lemon almond creme brulee just about knocked little Levi and me into a happy food coma. With every course the dishes got better and better. Needless to say, I think I might have missed my calling as a professional food critic. There is always to hope for tomorrow, I suppose. Or maybe I can vicariously live through Levi - influence him to be the next Bobby Flay. Or maybe not. Well without further ado: the real stars of the show.  photo din6_zpsaada3acf.jpg  photo din3_zpse90cc1a7.jpg  photo din2_zps4b2e7a11.jpg See what I mean?!? Just mouthwatering. Two whoops to Anna for her creative and delicious genius. We only managed to get one rather blurry, unimpressive photo of us humans. I might need to sort out my priorities.  photo din1_zpsb2f50b90.jpg

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