Is Noodle a Boy or Girl?

 photo tummygender_zps0c3819de.jpg In T-minus 5 days, we are finding out if Noodle Wells is a baby boy or girl! I am desperately past the point where I am ready to have an official pronoun for this growing baby. This past week we started baby registering, which ranks right up there with detention and hair pulling in my book. Technology is a fickle friend. Having thousands of reviews tearing to pieces every bit of child equipment on our registry went from helpful to a nightmare in about .879 seconds. Every blog and review and friend has a vastly different opinion of what is best/necessary/safe when it comes to baby purchases. On the plus side, we have some gender neutral themes set for our lil one including, but not limited to- Harry Potter, Dr. Who and Disney. So we should be set overall.

I figured it would be rather comical to mash up our faces into an online baby face morpher, like me and my roommate did here, but I couldn't find the site for the life of me. We did find these model shots of Bopants and I growing up as lil tinies, so we can count this as our foreshadowed insight into what a tiny Baby Wells might look like. So what is your guess:  photo babywells1_zps663d3d0c.jpg

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