Michael Kiwanuka. Tell Me A Tale - Monday Morning Motivation

Just everything about this is bliss. outfits. location. acoustics. sultry voice. You just keep telling those tales, Michael. Kudos for being awesome.

Pillow talk with Bopants & Levi

Happy Easter to all! Every night, Bopants (aka the bestest husband of them all) has some pillow talk with my moving little baby bump Levi. The two of them are already in mischievous cahoots. After multiple comical moments, I have decided to start a blog series documenting these sweet little conversations. and yes, I am wearing a shirt with cats floating in outer Space. Reason 23081 why we are going to rock at this parenting thing.

Bo: "Leeeeevi. You need to start talking back to me. I know you think you probably are, but I've got some news for you - that's just your momma talking for the both of you."
Me: Annoyed stare
Bo: "It's okay though. That happens sometimes in our marriage. I'll think I'm talking, but it's just her."
Me: Brazen, extra annoyed stare
Bo: "Consider this our first time out."
Levi: Contributes subtle kicks here

Me: "Where is my phone? I think it's back there somewhere" Stretch arm behind me to search for phone
Bo: "... I don't know. I'm holding my son!" As Bopants firmly holds both sides of my tummy, majorly restricting my phone stretching access. Precious pot.

That's enough for today. I have a fan this might be one of my favorite blog series to date.
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Seven Day Snapshots

 photo s1_zps92e29832.jpg  photo 4_zpsfe18914d.jpg  photo 2_zps74001609.jpg  photo 8_zpsbc002311.jpg  photo 5_zpsf6a1ae00.jpg  photo 7_zps4ec838ff.jpg  photo 6_zps507af8e7.jpg  photo 3_zps330c845a.jpg
This seven day snapshot is segregated a bit more by Bopants & Annie. Last weekend, Bo got out all his testosterone manly-ness at a man-cation at the Frio with some dear and new friends. While he relished in picking his nose (or whatever one does with a group of men on vacation), I trekked down to College Station and ate my weight (including the ever increasing Levi) in my favorite treats.
-Couldn't resist posting this classic selfie of Bopants after a 30 mile bike ride. He's plain insane, but looks so cute all tuckered out from exercise.
-Reason 2309 why boys are the best roommates. Who else would live tweet your Walmart shopping experience. We are going to rock at parenting.
-One of the many perks of pregnancy: eating treats such as chocolate covered strawberry waffles with kettle corn on the side and calling it a meal. No wonder Levi is such a jumping bean, hipped up on all that sugar.
-Fuego. No description necessary.
-Sometime pregnancy calls for Bahama Bucks daiquiri flavored smoothies to recall the good ol days of alcohol. Pina colada is coming up next.
-Oh lil boy clothing is slowing taking my soul. I might or might not have already build up a rather embarrassing collection of baby gentlemen clothing. But how can I resist?!?! Look at those crew shorts with anchors. "Ahoy, I'm a little sailor!" Stop. This is why I need to be banned from online shopping.

Hope your past seven days have been filled with equally as much joy, food, shopping, selfies and randomness :] I am officially a fan of the Spring and cannot wait to lounge around in the summer heat, drinkin more smoothies and waiting for noodle Levi to pop on out and come hang with us.

Sylvan Esso. Hey Mami - Monday Morning Motivation

This artist is a full package creative piece of dynamite. Unique, addicting tone. Infusion of techno style via synthesizers. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Deep and Wide. Thoughts on relationships and waistlines.

 photo trees_zpscb7584c3.jpg Long road trips always allow primetime for life reflections, forcing your mind to explore the many caves that are ignored in the hustle of everyday life. It has been a while since I had a more grammar heavy reflective post, so paired with my recent road trip I figured it as about time. Visiting my college town and some friends who are deeply immersed in college world, for this first time I very distinctly recognized that I am not in any life stage remotely similar to that part of my past. My 6 month pregnant full time working, married self has changed. I tend to be in denial that we are all creatures of constant adaptation and change. Life seems so much easier to blanket particular traits or themes across your path and weave that we have always been "the same" from age 5 to 75. Not really sure when this consistency became something I particularly strived for, but I had loads of time to observe and dwell on the fact that I am indeed different. The same but different. and that I love where I am even more than that college or high school or elementary stage of life. and that is okay. how life should be.

One area that is the most obvious where my life has shifted drastically is friendships. Once I heard or read, that being creatures of limited resources, we are in constant friction between deep and wide in our relationships. I have always been a wide girl - meaning more specifically that I value having many, many friendships. Diverse relationships with all sorts of people that can mold and teach and grow through each life phase. It's like when you walk into a library and become overwhelmed by the reality that you will never have all the time to read and appreciate every novel. But you can sure try. College is heroin for my type of personality. People are everywhere. Searching for friends. Searching for themselves. I had ample free time and my body was flexible enough to withstand crazy schedules, so I grew rather wide in relationships. Unfortunately, the trade off is most often depth in those types of friendships. Not always, but often. I have ended up with a beautiful amount of solid relationships that have continued to bloom and pursue over the past 1.5 years post graduation and I am utterly thankful! My path never would have crossed with many of these girls if I hadn't grown my width of relationships and just popped into their friend groups.

Post graduation life has been amazing! Having rewarding work, marriage, friendships and established schedules hands down beats any other phase of life. Most people spread horror stories of the real world. I, on the other hand, drink deeply of this season and am so very happy to have withstood the many awkward phases of time to be in this one. Moving back to my hometown has bittersweet moments. With a very limited time to juggle between work and investing in living life with my spouse/best friend, I became very aware very quickly that I don't have much time to spend with friends or family. The little time I do have can be split into smaller and smaller portions the more I overcommit and become determined on being everyone's bff, or I can learn to say no. Have we mentioned that I am literally a relationship hog and a slow learner?? Hence, I chose the former for the first half of our life here. Determined to maintain the quantity of commitments. Around Christmas, I realized this rhythm was not sustainable. I also conveniently ended up pregnant around this time which, wouldn't you know, forces your body to slow down MAJORLY. Jesus was just making sure there was money where my mouth was, by physically forcing my stubborn self to utterly acknowledge the weight of my limits and begin cultivating deeper relationships... and let me tell you, I am a huge convert! Most weeks, I spend 50% of my free time with my wicked cool parents and the other 50% investing in a smaller, but more quality filled group of friends. Who knows what the rest of my life will look like, but I am grateful for this season.

Thankfully, we are not asked to mold our lives blindly with no significant examples. Jesus paved the way for us, demonstrating the power of deep but the necessity of wide. He chose 12. 12 dudes that he lived out everyday dinners and conversations and morning walks and baby registry nightmares. Furthermore, of those 12 he had a more accountable ring of 3. However, he didn't just establish this click and ignore the masses. He spent days and days with groups of hundreds, smaller houses filled with groups and traveling to surrounding families and friends. I am in no way even near striking a healthy balance, but I would like to think I am getting closer. As my waistline is getting wider with this bundle of happy baby boy, my relationships are wandering into deeper realms. 

See what I mean, 17 hours alone with my own mind and quality musical lyrics can make a girl think! I am working harder at pausing to reflect in the moment rather than purely after the fact. So here we are.


 photo dear_zps186e0e4c.jpg
Dear H&M, the heavens have opened now that I have been introduced to your baby boy clothing. Chino pants - check. Anchor stripped shorts - check. Collared onesie - check. Dearest Christmas decorations, haters gonna hate. I am personally so happy you are still gracing our living room with all your festive joy. Nevermind what my friends or spouses say. To College Station, my weekend visit was just the dose of therapy and food my soul was craving. You are always good to me - from stellar eats to encouraging friends. Double whoops for you. Sincerely Shailene Woodley, color me a convertist. I was such a judger of your Secret Life acting and am now fully and completely an obsessor of your big screen acting. Do I regret seeing Divergent 3 times in 2 weeks? Well, do I regret breathing? My favoritest body inhabitant (Baby Levi), you are always keeping me in good company. Are you comfortable rolling around in my belly? Tap once for yes. Tap twice for no.

Kodaline. All I Want - Monday Morning Motivation

Sweet Kodaline swoons with some of the smoothest vocals I done ever heard. Let's just talk about his bleached hair and facial hair. Comical combination. Happy Monday!

life currently

 photo 0323c16a-710c-4256-be77-a9e905dbee8d_zps3d094a31.jpg a couple of everday life tidbits from the Wells as the spring starts rolling in

eating / lots of fresh fruits and preggo cravings
drinking / annie:grape soda, bopants:coffee on coffee on coffee
practicing / bopants:new fender amp!
learning / how to grow a little human and start herb garden
playing / an embarrassing amount of settlers of catan
finishing / baby registering aka the death of me
reading / some good ol homeboy John from the Bible and baby books
watching / DIVERGENT! The Voice, About a Boy, Growing Up Fischer
walking / with sweet friends such as Raven through our happy neighborhood park
wearing / annie:too many unbuttoned pants, bopants:cycling wear, finally able to enjoy the bike weather
cooking / do nightly protein chocolate banana shakes count?
working / on finding a balance between resting and restlessness
wanting / to continue simplifying & for Levi to pop out and join us already!