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Dear H&M, the heavens have opened now that I have been introduced to your baby boy clothing. Chino pants - check. Anchor stripped shorts - check. Collared onesie - check. Dearest Christmas decorations, haters gonna hate. I am personally so happy you are still gracing our living room with all your festive joy. Nevermind what my friends or spouses say. To College Station, my weekend visit was just the dose of therapy and food my soul was craving. You are always good to me - from stellar eats to encouraging friends. Double whoops for you. Sincerely Shailene Woodley, color me a convertist. I was such a judger of your Secret Life acting and am now fully and completely an obsessor of your big screen acting. Do I regret seeing Divergent 3 times in 2 weeks? Well, do I regret breathing? My favoritest body inhabitant (Baby Levi), you are always keeping me in good company. Are you comfortable rolling around in my belly? Tap once for yes. Tap twice for no.

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