Pillow talk with Bopants & Levi

Happy Easter to all! Every night, Bopants (aka the bestest husband of them all) has some pillow talk with my moving little baby bump Levi. The two of them are already in mischievous cahoots. After multiple comical moments, I have decided to start a blog series documenting these sweet little conversations. and yes, I am wearing a shirt with cats floating in outer Space. Reason 23081 why we are going to rock at this parenting thing.

Bo: "Leeeeevi. You need to start talking back to me. I know you think you probably are, but I've got some news for you - that's just your momma talking for the both of you."
Me: Annoyed stare
Bo: "It's okay though. That happens sometimes in our marriage. I'll think I'm talking, but it's just her."
Me: Brazen, extra annoyed stare
Bo: "Consider this our first time out."
Levi: Contributes subtle kicks here

Me: "Where is my phone? I think it's back there somewhere" Stretch arm behind me to search for phone
Bo: "... I don't know. I'm holding my son!" As Bopants firmly holds both sides of my tummy, majorly restricting my phone stretching access. Precious pot.

That's enough for today. I have a fan this might be one of my favorite blog series to date.
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